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Carrier SquadronCarrier Squadron is a scrolling space shooter with a tactical twist.

Tap to guide your swarm of fighters to attack, and they’ll tear hordes of enemies to shreds.

Launch up to fifteen fighters in a frantic battle against non-stop enemies.
Use one of four different special carrier abilities, such as a superlaser or missile salvo!
Fighters gain experience and special abilities of their own.
Upgrade your carrier and fighters in seven different stat areas.
Generated bosses are different in every playthrough.
Battle other players’ saved carriers in Challenge mode!
Move your game between devices using online saves.

This is the initial ad-supported beta release. If you are experiencing crashes/freezes, please post your issue at

Carrier Squadron user reviews :

Fun game The later levels become increasingly impossible, if you loose one guy he respawns at the lowest level doing the least damage and lowest life. I feel like it should respawn with 50% or so of its previous skill. Im getting tired of having to go back 7 or 8 levels just to get them to rank up so I can beat the level they died on.

fun but.. really cool game up until you hit a wall and can’t progress without more upgrades.. make a way to farm points? please

Good play I sugeest u to improve enemy in single player mode. Need new design of enemy and AI too.

Super fun I have not had a single problem. Come challenge mode and watch me wipe you out. Player, ranked #1!

Very original If you get stuck needing upgrades, you can just go to multiplayer to level

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