Game of Khans – Discover the tribes of the vast green steppe

Game of Khans

Game of Khans  Welcome, GREAT KHAN!

Discover the tribes of the vast green steppe.
Earn the trust of their handsome chieftains.
Fall in love with their beautiful daughters.

Game of Khans explores the nomadic cultures of central Asia. You can experience life, love and loss on the steppe in this beautiful historical fantasy. Take on the role of a rising Khan, destined to build the largest empire that the world has ever known. Your domain will span Asia, Europe, and everything in-between! Fight skilled opponents in epic horde battles and create a legacy to rival any great leader of old. Stories of your journey and empire will be remembered for a thousand years – but will your name be feared…or loved? Create your destiny in this one-of-a-kind adventure!

Command the might of the MONGOL HORDE!
Seek strategy from HANDSOME ADVISORS!
Court and romance your BEAUTIFUL WIVES!
Diversify your lineage of SONS and DAUGHTERS!
Build your cities to FLOURISH and PROSPER!
Dominate old dynasties and DICTATE TERMS!
Join horde battles and DOMNATE THE BATTLEFIELD!

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Game of Khans user reviews :

I initially gave this game 5 star when I first started but now that I’ve had more experience playing I’m finally leaving a review with 4 stars. This game hands down is a great game but there’s an issue I would like to point out. When it come to Horde battle the matching is disproportionate. The selection is way off and the little guys always getting matched with hordes 2 or 3 times their size. The little guys don’t stand a chance, and it takes the fun out the game. Please fix this.
  • Mechanist Internet Technologies Co., Ltd.
  • Thank you so much for letting us your thoughts about the Horde Battle System. I’ll gladly say that we reworked the Horde Battle system for patch 1.4 . You’ll fight in the new system in the next season of Horde Battle. It’s an improved system that allows more fair environment !

I like this game a lot. I’ve made some friends along the way, and there’s a lot of different and unique-ish games and activities within. My biggest and almost sole complaint: it’s wayyy to obvious how the game is pay to pay in order to win and enjoy. If it wasn’t for the friends I’ve made in the hordes (clan groups), then I might have not had nearly as much fun because of how much the game developers beg you to give them money in order to progress. Don’t take your fan base for granted plz.

I was just kinda roaming the app store per usual and saw this game, was like eh let’s try it out, I wasn’t expecting it to actually be really good :’) of course these kinds of games are ones I happen to really like. The art style is actually pretty impressive, the mechanics are easy and they introduce things in a way that’s understandable(which can’t be said for a lot of games). The only problem I have is the consorts when world traveling, they have a 3d model, when most of the art style is 2d

As someone else said, they got the game but didn’t expect it to be good, I to feel that way, it is very simple in terms of game play and the tutorial shows you everthing you need to know, the different kinds of voices in the game are amazing as well and everyone is chat is friendly and gives advice if you need it. Only thing for me is with the advisors and places on map that give rss, it takes way to long to get them to lvl 100, once they all reach that level though it’s easy to get whatyouneed
  • Mechanist Internet Technologies Co., Ltd.
  • Dear Janice , it’s great to hear you loved our game! We’re working on events, in-game quests, challenges, and activities to make our game even more exciting. Please reach us for more suggestions and feedback via using the in-game Support button. Stay safe and healthy! Have a great day!

Amazing, makes women not objects but instead real people with real personal reactions to your own actions. I hope more games show the value of women as people and person’s as this one does. That aside it still is a harem game so keep that in mind. Conquer the land and the hearts of some ladies. Be kind and just. Have fun.

There are VIP options but most are affordable things. The stories are pretty good as well and the choices you make. I would say give it a chance and see if it is your type of game. The horde I’m in is very friendly and helpful people. (I’ve been playing it for a few days will update if anything changes)
  • Mechanist Internet Technologies Co., Ltd.
  • Hi Valarie , our sincere gratitude for your 5-stars. It’s great to hear you liked our game, this really motivates us for further development. Thank you, stay safe and healthy!
Balanced blend of story and role-playing game elements. I prefer to play mostly solo, but this game somewhat forces you to do many MMO quests; learning Horde activities has been particularly difficult and tedious. Artwork is superb and it’s refreshing to see so many Asian characters from a wide assortment of cultures/fashions. (It would be nice to replace the very Anglo voice for the Great Khan with a more authentic accent or no voice at all, however.) Not historically accurate but good fantasy.
  • Mechanist Internet Technologies Co., Ltd.
  • Dear Khan, we’re constantly improving and optimizing our game therefore your feedback is really precious for us to make our game even better and meet our players’ expectations. We really liked your ideas and suggestions, I will forward these to the team for further consideration. Thank you for reaching!

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