[Game] Tiki Bar

Tiki Bar app it`s a unique bartending and drink mixing game.

Tiki Bar is a unique drink mixing and bartending game for the Android platform including a dynamic drink render engine to support mixing any number of the available ingredients into either a delicious vibation or a noxious stew. Progress through the available alcoholic drink recipes including both popular cocktails and ficticous new mixes, or play the challenge modes for a faster pace bartending experience. Current drink recipes available in the game include many classic favorites: margaritas, tequila sunrise, rum and coke, mojito, vodka and cranberry, cape cod, and many more, as well as many tropically named drinks in keeping with the tiki bar theme.

Tiki bar includes three seperate game modes. In Career mode you start at the bottom of the beverage ladder earning money to acquire your beer and liquor licenses, beer contracts and drink recipes. In Career mode, bartending sessions are driven at a relaxed pace and designed so you can serve drinks for as long as you like, or hop in just to make that last quick $5 you need to finally buy that margarita recipe.

Two challenge modes, Soda Slinger and Beer Bonanza offer a faster paced bartending experience as you continually race the clock to serve sodas or beers without missing too many drink orders.

A thorough overview of the game is available at our website link below, which includes all game help documentation and walkthrough tutorials for various aspects of the game.

As always, we welcome all game feedback from our users. Have an idea for the game or a drink you’d like to see in game? Send them along and we will gladly consider it for inclusion in a future update. You can contact us from the developer email link below or the Feedback option on the game main menu.

Please note that Tiki Bar has been developed for entertainment purposes only. Many drink recipes have been simplified for game purposes and mixing these for yourself, your friends or real paying customers may end in various results including everything from mocking laughter to illness.

Always drink responsibly.


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