Garden and Dressup – Make your princess be the most shining star

[Game] Garden and Dressup – Flower Princess Fairytale

Garden and Dressup  The magic garden is opening now, and come here to waiting for the flower princess!

In this magic world, you can not only plant different kinds of flowers, but dress up the little princess. At the same time, you can also make up the princess and make your princess be the most shining star!

As a fashion girl, you must have thought if one day you can choose variety kinds of style dress for princess, how amazing it is! Now in this game, your dream can be come true! You can dress up the princess with changeful styles and enjoy the plant. There are more kinds of styles and decorations for your princess to try on. Design your little sweet, and enjoy the fun of planting and collection! Come on and don’t hesitate! Download and play for free!


Watering, planting, collection and enjoying the fun!
Summon different kinds of styles clothes from flowers.
Tons of accessories to pick up.
Pick up and collect the different styles, and light the album.
Take fashion photos for perfect princess.

Now, decorate your garden and start the magical fairytale!

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Garden and Dressup user reviews :

This is my most favourite game . This game has gacha , events , many of seeds , and beautiful girl and accessories , etc. The thing only that I didn’t like is the garden dress up game I played before had mini games . But this doesn’t have . I mean it has mini games but we have to play them when we have chances . I don’t give real money in the game , so I cann’t play some features. But still I love this game a lot . Thanks for this wonderful game

It’s a really nice game and great to past time. But it revolves a lot around watching video ads which is great because it makes it free. But it sucks when you don’t actually have any videos to watch or it says no videos are available so you can’t really progress.

I really like this game, its add system is better than most other mobile game. They reward you for watching them, and rarely shove “buy this” adds into the game. You can get everything other people pay for, for free, basically. It’s not shy about giving out its secondary currency, and that’s really cool. The only thing I think this game needs is a proper update with more content. Perhaps more flowers, outfits, and recipes for mixing seed types. I would even help, I love making dresses. Anyway ty

I do really like this game . but i have a question when you fixed it this time you took of all the ads so how can I take the free gems ,the free tools and there is mission that depend on these ads like “watch video for three times”? one more thing there are some type of flowers that I can’t buy it so how can I take it’s suit? Would you please try to protect our account from if the game one day has deleted and everything we have done already will be gan

Pretty cute and nicely casual, very ad heavy until you buy something and yes the ads go but so does everything extra including events that need ads. The videos say they have stop working and you can’t even use anything that uses them. No bonuses, no speeding up, no extra diamonds. So deal with the ads or have your gaming experience crash….. Though they do need to stop having ads be a part of everything you do to get something extra and making it so so have to watch multiple ads for them too.

The game is great don’t get me wrong. The fact literally EVERYTHING ((and I mean everything after the first day you download)) is locked behind a Play Ad button even though some say you can use the in game Money or Gems to get them. It’s a lie. I still play the game because it’s fun and a good time passer but please do something about either Having or Not Having active ads for even just the small things like the wheel. Just SOMETHING that makes it so I can earn the locked behind ad stuff

This is a best game l really like this game , very beautiful dressess , shoes, bags, hair all is very good nice game

I really like this but one thing the model is never change that is the one problem I enjoy it I’m share this game my friends and family they’re also so love it this game my sister addict this game

I love it although i think you should make mini games so that we can speed up the process of long the flowers take to grow…

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