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[Game] Gate Six

Gate SixGate Six : In the not so distant future, [virtual reality] is the new reality. The Corporation has people connect to Gate Six via cyber persona and live in docile bliss…. unaware of the cost to their soul.

You are Rex, the first Cyber Persona Gate Six to exist un-tethered to a host. An anomaly in the system, the Virus Detection Force seeks to eliminate you at once. But you are rescued by the researcher Hela, who quickly discovers you’ve not only lost all memory, but your host had not survived the Transition.

How did this all happen? And what does it mean for the future of Gate Six?


1. A rich story with branching stories, based off your decisions!
A true RPG experience with a thrilling, immersive story.
Choose your own adventure style decision making and story branches.
A unique, futuristic world with cyberpunk themes.

2. Co-op mode, real time PVP and a host of awesome game mdoes.
Team up to hunt the Data Predators in real-time co-op mode.
Compete in real time against opponents from all over the world!

3. Classic turn-based RPG battles + positioning-based combos!
Position your Cyber Personas to create the ultimate combo synergy.
Use action points strategically to unleash the most powerful damage effect.

4. Dazzling graphics and over 60 characters to choose from. And much more!

SUPPORT gatesix_EN[at]
PRIVACY flero_privacy[at]

IN-APP PAYMENTS: GATE SIX is free to play but you can buy virtual goods to use in the game.
Having problems? Got a question? We’d love to hear from you!
Please contact us at: gatesix_EN[at]

GATE SIX Supports English, 한국어, 中文简体, 中文繁體

Customer Service is supported in English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese and Korean.

Authority Notice
Use the authority for better gameplay

Required Authority
1. Authority Used for Storage Access: for download additional resources
2. Allow contacts to access photos media and files on your device (including external storage) : required for uploading screenshots and so on in game community

If you’re Android OS version is below 6.0, The following permission is required to play the game

The permission is used to change in-game profile modification

We recommend you to reinstall the app after a complete deletion including cache & data in case of a forced shutdown after updating GATE SIX

Gate Six user reviews :

Generous game giving free four star (top rarity unit) however even with that, game is grindy once you hit Chapter 5. And gems are scarce if you can’t progress in the story. Still a fun and decent strategy gacha game. Uodate: Heard the game discontinued in China or where the original game is from. And is currently stagnated. Will see if it actually discontinues or will update later.
  • FLERO Games
  • Welcome to GATE SIX: CYBER PERSONA! Thank you for taking the time in giving us a review We apologize if we were not able to meet your expectations. Rest assured your review will inspire us to make improvements to the game on future developments. GATE SIX: CYBER PERSONA Support Team

Good graphics, awesome character designs, probably some of the best ones I’ve seen in gacha games and pretty decent and interesting story. So why am I giving it such a low rating? Because the game is riddled with issues. Here let me list some: 1. Difficulty spikes: Story mode keeps getting harder and harder and I’m stuck on second stage of fifth chapter because the boss there is literally unkillable as I deal almost no damage to him while he hits like a truck. 2. Horrible PvP matchmaking: Every single time I get matched against someone who wipes out my entire team on their first turn. Like what the hell!? 3. Un-equipping gear (cores) costs gold. There are some other things that I’m not very fond of. The game isn’t reroll friendly, there’s a suit system which changes how your character looks but also changes their element and how some of the skills work and it doesn’t seem like those are going to be easy to get and I hear some characters are only good under certain suits. This could be a great game with some changes and big rebalance of at least the story mode and better PvP matchmaking system. But the way it is now I just can’t recommend it. They should improve the english translation as well.

Nice char designs but the systems/resources for this game will have you grinding for 10 years and even then you’ll might not progress into end game. Resources grind after 100th times gets boring fast. Char skills are not fun/interesting imo. 10 hours in and your progression grinded to a halt, feels incomplete, too little things to actually do other than resources grind in this game.
  • FLERO Games
  • Welcome to GATE SIX: CYBER PERSONA! We are so sad and regretful to your disappoinment. We will do our best to meet your satisfaction. If you have any further inquiry or technical problems, please send an email to gatesix_en[at] Thank you for playing GATE SIX!

Last Update :

1. New contents ‘Mirror Gate’ is added
2. Meet a newly added unit ‘Lucy’!
3. Super Gate event dungeon will start!
4. Cumulative purchase system will be added
5. Improved Convenience Features! Check out all the fixes and improvements!

Contact developer :


Video :

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