GEM-X – Awaken your brave soul and save the world

[Game] GEM-X

GEM-X  is a magical ARPG with a huge worldview and rich content featuring diverse dungeons and a classic PVP experience.

As an ARPG game, it can’t go without magnificent scenes and cool effects which give players a highly immersive gaming experience like never before.

Awaken your brave soul and save the world!

is a 3D action RPG that gives you a mission to save an entire kingdom.
Here, you will complete a series of quests and challenges as the most gifted warrior in the kingdom. During this adventurous journey, you will encounter different races of demonic beasts, make contracts with your very own spirits, acquire powerful weapons, match different skills to continuously increase your strength, fight with the powerful dark forces and become the strongest on the continent, save the torn country, and write your fantasy adventure story.
Pick up your weapon and fight a spirited battle!

Gorgeous Scenes Stunning Effects
With bright colors and superb sound effects, every scene is meticulously designed. The skill effects are so cool that there’s no lag even when you set its graphics to the highest quality.

Challenge Yourself Keep Fighting
PVP battles can take place whenever and wherever you want. Are you going to reach higher in the Ranked Match or fight to become a king in the temple? Beat your opponents and prove yourself worthy! You can even have a guild battle with your guild members. Invite your friends to fight together now!

Exceptional Graphics, High-quality Sound
Its adorable Japanese anime-styled graphics, and cheerful and light-hearted sound effects are going to put you in good mood for the whole day!

Sweet Oath Exclusive Party
It’s love at first sight! When you meet the one you love, take them to the romantic Oath Hall. Make a lifelong promise, dance a waltz of love, and let your love story be witnessed by your friends and family. You can interact with your lover in a more fun way here, even with the ability of kissing and hugging them. There are even exclusive gear that provide buffs for couples!

Free Combination Unique Costumes
A variety of costumes, weapons and hairstyles can be freely matched to create a unique you. Cute little dresses, dignified gowns, domineering weapon looks…… a different look each day!

We welcome any questions about the game, feel free to contact us anytime!
Support: support[at]

GEM-X user reviews :

It’s a great game, really.. but.. isn’t this just Gaia Oddysey? From the characters, the gameplay, the story, everything!! It’s like you just took Gaia Oddysey and gave it a new name. Why?? I don’t understand what was the point of doing that. I had a lot of fun with it but I feel like I wasted the time I could have spent playing Gaia Oddysey instead.. or do I really want to support a company that’s willing to do something like this?? Even the description copies Gaia Oddysey’s..

Awesome Game but the top up is broken tried 3 times and nothing happen, for most Gamers this is a MUST TO FIX, other that that, is a nice game.

The game has a lot of potential and is very addicting but the Customer service is horrible. They had a bug where if you purchased their “Flash Giftpack” you wouldn’t receive anything. They fixed it and sent out compensation emails but some of those were glitched and you couldn’t even claim them! I sent a message to them saying that I didn’t receive all of my giftpacks that I purchased and their response was they mixed my account up with another one. I just refunded and now I can’t log in!!

I love this game started playing on 11 May 2021. Animation is beautiful and runs smoothly. As of 17th July 2021 active players are less than 100 I must leave this game for now.

this is the best game ever i give 4 star because it has a pvp arena but you can’t control your character please put a pvp that you can control your character and i will give the 5star

Definitely 5 stars! There are no problems with this game. I’m happy that I downloaded it because you can’t find good games like this everywhere. Five Stars

Love it so far but currently I can’t seem to log in at all, I have great wifi and my phone runs smoothly, I wonder if it’s under server maintenance

Loving this game. Very fun and cute. Great graphics as well.

Not the best game i’ve played but they sure did put some hard work into this and for that you have 5 stars from me

Autogame, but good graphics and cute designs, pretty good, just have problems with play store connection

I like the game its nice and fun but the voice overs and non challenging bosses needs to be fixed please

Very good game! Its like legacy of discord furious wings but anime which i prefer. keep working on this game!

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