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[App] GitJournal – Markdown Notes Integrated with Git

GitJournal  Git Journal is a note taking / journaling app built with privacy and data portability in mind.

It stores all its notes in a standardised Markdown + YAML header format or plaintext. The notes are stored in a hosted Git Repo of your choice – GitHub / GitLab / Gitea / Gogs / Any Custom-provider.

Features –

Offline First – All yours notes are available offline
No Account Required
Categorize your Notes with Folders
Open source / Free Software / FOSS
Can easily be extended and integrated with other Git tools
Can also be used to manage Hugo / Jekyll / Gatsby websites
No Ads
Built with Flutter

Never need to import / export your notes, as you always have control of the data. Apps may come and go, but your notes will always be with you.

The app comes with a clean, easy to use interface designed to focus on just writing your journal entries without any distractions.

We have chosen Git as a backend as self-hosting a Git server is much simpler than almost any other software, additionally there are already many commercial providers of Git. So you can choose who you want to trust with your notes. We currently don’t support encrypting the notes, but it’s something we’re actively working on.

GitJournal user reviews :

Phenomenal App already but honestly looks to be great for the future! This app is just perfect for journaling and note taking without being locked in. There are other apps that do this but what this has over those apps is this one has a fantastic user interface and automatically sets up using git for you! I love this App and am very happy to be a pro user! I can’t seem to work out how to use backlinks though and the colours in dark mode on the login screen don’t work but this is easily 5/5!

I like the app – I was able to ie. write my MD files in Obsidian desktop app, push them to GitHub and then see them in GitJournal, but to be fair, the styling / presentation is really ugly :( H2, H3 are sometimes even smaller than text, there’s no spacing etc. – as a result, reading plain MD file is kind of bad experience (especially if I compare it to for example StackEdit), which is a shame because the app as a whole is very nice (ie. it can display relative images etc) and could be use as Obsidian (markdown, backlinking second brain tool) “mobile app”.

Stopped working after last update. But you are cool guys, I’m sure you will fix it quickly. Thank you update: Oh, I just reinstall the app and it is working! Fantastic
  • Vishesh Handa
  • Eeep. Could you please send me an email with what broke?
Was excited about trying this, but the option to enable internal storage of the local Git repo doesn’t work on two devices I’ve tried it on, both Android 10 and 11. Directory simply doesn’t show up after editing files, restarting app, etc. Editing YAML front matter or even simply providing tags is a paywalled feature, which doesn’t compute to me… That’s part of the file. Let me edit and search my files however I wanna!
  • Vishesh Handa
  • Hey Erin. Ah. Internal storage is broken with Android 10+. I’ll try to fix it this week. Regarding editing the YAML metadata, you could use the raw editor. Does that work for you?

Brilliant. Not over complicated, but still providing everything needed. I’m sold on it.

Fast. Good interface. Easy to integrate with GitHub. Exactly what I needed to edit files on both my computer and my phone without fighting version conflicts or using something gross like Google Docs.

I see that folks succeed with the app but personally had no luck trying to setup. Just after git host setup getting critical error or my repo simply doesn’t clone: All Notes view appears empty. Tried automatic and manual setup with same result.

Using this to write a novel – the minimal and uncluttered interface is perfect for the task and doesn’t interfere with the creative process.

Perfect application, it does exactly what it says. Awesome work.

Awesome! This is the note-taking app i always dreamed of. I can use it with my gitlab and i am very happy

Pretty great overall. Makes it nice to write and is very convenient for journaling.

Loved the concept and the minimalistic approach is brilliant. I was truly expecting a nested list option (for outlining) after that this review will magically become 5 stars. Keep up the good work. Also, a one time payment option works most people when trying out an app; of course, you gotta make money but give it a shot, it’s still money.
  • Vishesh Handa
  • Hey Pragnesh. Thanks for the review. 1. Could you elaborate on the nested lists option? Do you mean something like ‘workflowy’? Maybe you could email me or open a github issue with it in more detail? 2. One Time Purchase – I agree – . Could you please share your thoughts?

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