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[Game] Globesweeper – Minesweeper on a sphere

Globesweeper  Use logic to clear tiles while avoiding mines.

Choose from tiny one minute globes to colossal hour long marathons. With hexagonal, square and triangle game modes this unforgiving puzzle game will keep you coming back for more.

Globesweeper is a twist on the classic minesweeper game. Use the numbers to work out all the tiles that are safe to reveal but be careful one mistake revealing a mine will cause the whole globe to detonate and you will have to start again!

With hexagon, triangle and classic square game modes, 5 different globe sizes and 4 difficulty settings you can be playing on anything from tiny hexagonal globes made of 92 tiles to colossal triangle globes with 20,480 tiles.

Play in traditional or guaranteed solvable mode where you never have to guess.

Gain achievements to unlock all 14 themes including planet Earth, the Moon, Mars, stylish gold, ruby, emerald and sapphire.

Can you beat a colossal globe?

Globesweeper user reviews :

Super fun game. The only game on my phone. Love the different themes you can unlock! Never really use the triangle and classic layouts, I really love the hexagons. Super simple and easy to understand.

Overall, great upgrade for a great old school game. People crying about ads are pathetic. There aren’t that many. Pay to go ad free and hook a good developer up, cheap bums. Only issue is the button for flag and shovel being the same. Messed me up many times. Others commented that dev is fixing. Could be a 5 star game. One star ratings are bs and those people whine too much.

Really good implementation of Minesweeper, just needs a few tweaks. One thing I would improve is to have two separate tools for dig and place flag rather than a toggle. Also make them more visually different e.g. a different colour.. and make it really obvious which is currently in effect. Most of all though, please improve the endgame! Make it so you can actually get rid of/flag every grey square, the completer finishers among us find it frustrating not to be able to mark the last square!

Great take on minesweeper. Removing ads is cheap, I will always be happy to pay $3 for a game I like. One complaint: a space completely surrounded by mines can be a mine, which is confusing since there’s no way to know if it’s a mine or a number.
  • Incandescent games
  • Glad you are enjoying the game. You can solve spaces surrounded by mines at the end using the mine count.

Love this version of minesweeper! The controls are customizable to make playing in your style the best experience. Some unlockables are hard or impossible for all to achieve: e.g. I use Twitch but not on its app so I can’t unlock the Twitch skin. Other than that, an excellent game that runs pretty smoothly and has relatively very few ads.

Cutely done, nice music, beyond pathetic monetization tactics – game will force ads or waiting time for new games, payment is needed to undo, etc. Game is apparently made by and for excessively privileged people.

The concept of the globe is fine on the hex grid and the square grid, it’s just minesweeper with a twist that doesn’t really add anything, but the triangle grid… That triangle grid really forces you to think differently about minesweeper. Also, everything is guaranteed solvable, you’re never forced to guess (unlike what that other person said). That said, it doesn’t make it easy, just possible. The only annoying thing is that you have to watch an add every now and then to generate a new map.

Good for offline play, hunting the achievements. Colossal size maps are pretty fun and triangles mode is interesting. Soundtrack could be better.

Fun game! A great variant of minesweeper. One note though; guaranteed solvable is not always working. Sometimes you get weird clusters of mines where you have a selection of 3 that is not calculatable. So it’s up to dumb luck if you want it to be right. Can’t count how many games i lost with 1500 mines + cleared due to this :(( other than that. Entertaining!

it’s a cool time waster, but I don’t understand how to properly solve the triangle ones so I just do the classic and hexagon maps. I like that you could just play on one giant ball for a long time, which sadly comes with a problem that is one misclick and your progress is gone… I’m not ready to pay for a diffusal kit and I think that is cheating anyways… I’ll have to wait to get a new phone before I can play this more since my phones cracked display registeres touch where there was none.

Really inventive. If you like minesweeper and want creative twists to keep it interesting I highly recommend! Bonus points: 1. Super moderate ads! Like once every ten rounds. 2. Monetisation really fair and simple, no pressure to buy, just an option to buy some defusers for cheap if you want to tackle those colossal spheres! Plus there are a few skins you can buy, but most you unlock with achievements! 3. I really like the chill music 4: It’s really fun unlocking the skins!

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