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[Game] Go Drift – Arcade Racing

Go Drift  Go Drift is an exciting arcade game for those who love car racing.

Players can try a hand at drifting on the different available tracks. Go Drift is an absolutely free game for reckless drivers who want to become the champion of challenging races!

Nothing complicated – the rules are simple even for newcomers. The finish line should be crossed by the winner of drift races. To open new models of cars, virtual drivers should collect crystals that are located on their racing track. The car is easily controlled through the touch screen:

— One tap to the left and the high-speed vehicle will make a turn.
— One tap to the right and the car is moving rightward.

Each new stage of the Go Drift game will be spectacular. Sharpen your skills and drive fantastically to open new levels. Take a challenge and demonstrate your exceptional will to win and need for speed! Go Drift will bring new emotions and draw into the fight for the championship.

Music by Ryderboy.

Go Drift user reviews :

Great game with lots of fun! And it isn’t like others I’ve played with a bunch o annoying ads every single time you play a level, in fact, it doesn’t have ads at all! Love it. Update: I’ve finished the game! I was surprised that there were only 40 levels hahaha but it was very fun I hope you add more, specially the ones that have those checkpoints that are more difficult than usual, also given the theme of the game you should add Initial-D Toyota 86 as a car model that would be awesome
  • Argon Games
  • Heyyy! Thank you so much! I’m glad you enjoyed it. I put a lot of effort into this game. A huge amount of updates are coming. Hope you will check it :) How many levels have you finished? Is it hard? Or maybe too easy? I’m trying to adjust the game difficulty to make all players happy

Fun, simple, entertaining little drifting game. AND THERES NOT AN AD EBERY 2 SECONDS LIKE MOST GAMES. 5 stars no doubt.

It’s quite a fun time waster, theres a decent selection of cars and it’s not super grindy.

This is a lot more fun than I thought it would be. The one thing I can think of to improve it is adding a lightly shaded line down the middle of the screen so you can see which side you’re pressing. Other than that, this is a great game!

Such a simple but difficult game and it works awesome keep up the good work. I cant think of anything to change or improve just keep doing what your doing an ill be here to support it
  • Argon Games
  • Hey! Thank you so much for the review. The game is new and I have only few reviews here, so everyone is important :) Happy to know you’re enjoying it! Can I improve something?

Fun game. jumps right into the fun. Has a lot of potential

Simple game to drift and relax. Thanks.

I don’t want to write a review so I’m just giving it 5 stars. I like the game so much but I’ve already written enough essays in school lol.
  • Argon Games
  • Haha lol :) Thank you so much!
idiot game so so hard im only in level 3 and i cant finish so hard
  • Argon Games
  • Hey friend! Why are you being so rude? It’s hard to balance game to fit every player’s skill. I’m sorry that it doesn’t fit yours. Really sorry. But please don’t be so criticizing. It’s hard to create games. And getting such reviews hurts.

Super addictive game!

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