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God Loves Deaf Kids  Deaf kids are amazing, cool, and fun!

We know that, and GOD knows that! God LOVES Deaf kids! But most Deaf kids dont know much about Him because Christian resources for kids in ASL are really hard to find. But no longer!

Silent Blessings Deaf Ministries has pulled together hours and hours of the best Christian materials ever produced specifically designed for Deaf children and performed entirely in American Sign Language by Deaf actors and teachers! And virtually every video on this app is also voiced for hearing family members, and presented here in 3 versions: no captions, English captions, and Spanish captions! Here is a treasure trove of terrific, fun faith and values building materials — not just for Deaf kids and their families, but for kids or others learning English as a second language, or students or teachers of ASL.

The app features the long running TV series DR. WONDERS WORKSHOP (DWW), a joint project by Silent Blessings, Deaf Video Communications, and Deaf Missions. Each show features a conflict resolution drama with a colorful cast of fun Deaf actors, plus an object lesson, a Bible story, a sign song, and more, all designed to teach Christian ethics and help kids make wise choices in life. We launched the app with 26 episodes of DWW. That’s 13 hours of video. New videos will be added often so check back often for something new! Ultimately there will be 65 episodes of Dr. Wonders Workshop and every one will be available in the app.

We will also be adding several other Christian videos in ASL made just for kids — like 4 episodes of BIG BIBLE STORIES and 2 episodes of the FINGER FOOD CAFE from our friends at Deaf Missions, THE GODMAN from DOOR International, and new content created just for the app — ALL fun for kids, all in ASL from start to finish, and all with voice overs and captions. The app also has some games like Word Seek, and Coloring Pages for kids to enjoy.

AND — because we have Deaf kids ourselves, we have created a PARENTS PORTAL where we plan to provide ideas and resources for YOU, Moms and Dads, to help you better interact with your Deaf kids — even if your signing skills are not quite as strong as you want them to be. We plan to create interactive experiences you can do or play your kids to teach them more about God and Christ’s amazing plan for their lives. Through the parent’s portal you can also reach out to us and perhaps other parents and Deaf educators who can help. Cause, like we said, we have Deaf kids ourselves and we know some amazing Deaf people!

All that is here — or soon will be here — in the GOD LOVES DEAF KIDS app from Silent Blessings Deaf Ministries. Download today! It is FREE — and it always will be. Learn more about us at www.silentblessings.org

God Loves Deaf Kids user reviews :

I love god loves deaf kids

This app is awesome! I love that I can use the Chromecast for this to play as well. I also enjoy the ease of use and how easy it is to find the episodes. It is all such meaningful and clean entertainment, too!

I love it, because I am having very hard to hearing, and I am learning how to do this, I Know how a little bit but I went to learn more about it

My 2yo daughter is Deaf and she loves it!

thank u for fix for me I great I love this show so much

I love you kissing Hug Melanie Boyfriend yes Dating sweet Heart Kelly girl friend

Great resource for hearing or deaf people! I’ve learned so many signs through Doctor Wonders Workshop! Glad it’s here!

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