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[Game] Goddess Kiss – O.V.E

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A world where peace finally settled in after a long war.
However, due to the influence of the war, a genetic mutation outbreak and new chaos arose in the world.
With creatures turning into monsters and destroying the peace in the world, mankind’s only hope is “O.V.E,” the girls who can hunt and kill monsters.

Game Features

Girls collecting RPG that focuses on the fundamentals
Meet our flawlessly illustrated and charming 100+ girls that generate a desire to possess and collect!

Spectacular battle effects that grab users’ attention
Experience the girls’ dynamic and intense battle actions and their colorful skill scenes with flashy animation!

Critical and brilliant strategic play
Not satisfied enough to just simply watch?
Then assemble and arrange a maximum of 5 girls based on their roles + blend 5 types of their attributes in the battle to lead to victory!

Huge scenarios and stages
Compelling and huge scenarios based on a 10-series light novel!
Have fun and experience an epic tale by clearing 300+ stages!

Various ways of character development
Train and strengthen the lovely girls!
Discover your girls’ hidden powers and skills through character upgrade and advancement, boost Up, weapon equipment, upgrade, and many more.

Numerous and various contents
Enjoy the game’s numerous and various contents with our powerful girls and brilliant strategies!
Ancient Weapons, All Star Battle, New Star Battle, Training Center, Guild and many other endless fun features are waiting for you.

Decorate and personalize in-game houses based on different tastes
A shelter for exhausted girls from tiring battle!
Decorate your house with cute SD girls and furniture!

Minimum technical requirements for stable gameplay
OS : Android 6.0 or above

Terms of Service:
Privacy Policy:

Customer Inquiries

Smartphone App Permissions
We are requesting certain app permissions to provide the below services.

Mandatory Access Permissions
Storage Space: Used to save game execution related files and screenshots.
Microphone: Permission to access your microphone should you choose to use the Audio Recording function of Naver PLUG.

Optional App Permissions

How to Withdraw Permissions
Android above 6.0: Settings > App > Select App > Permission List > Allow/Deny Permission
Android below 6.0: Upgrade the OS to deny permissions, or delete the app
The game may not initially offer individual permission settings; in this case, use the above method to adjust permissions.

Goddess Kiss user reviews :

Hidden Gem! Im surprised this game isnt very popular but it should be! I like the graphics, the art is chibi but in a good way, fast combat with unique skill cutscenes and animations, very nice soundtrack, its a very polished game, its really generous too, rerolling is quick it has 50×10 selective summon and you can make new guest account! I just played few days and i have several 4 stars and a solid team! I dont mind the grind its part of every gacha game! Try it and be surprised like me!

I was just scrolling by and I found this it took of my attention and when I installed this I tell myself this is a gold. This is good game the graphics, gameplay and voice actor were very good. Hoping for more characters and events released in the future.

I’ve been playing the game all night and have been enjoying it, mostly the collecting aspect. Got myself a Mai! The issue resolved itself, but it seems to be a problem with the UI. There is another bug where I’ll have to restart the ap entirely to claim pity rewards and stuff. When I try to quit a stage it will freeze for a little while as well.
  • FLERO Games
  • Your story continues with a kiss. This is GODDESS KISS : O.V.E We apologize for the inconvenience. May I ask if the issue remains? If so, please send your issue description to Customer Center. goddesskissove_EN[at]flerogames.com

Not sure if we just have a slow connection but there are times it feels like it takes time to load a certain action in the game. The server may be, I don’t know. Grindy but okay for me. Not sure if anyone had an experience where it all fit their taste when it comes on how RNG’ngy these games work. Mats are definitely hard to get and it’s okay considering that there is an option to play it for free.

Pretty decent. There’s a recruit system generates random units but you can “possibly” get the specific unit for free or just recruit them that costs around 1 pull(in-game currency) and you can refreshes every 2-3hrs for free. The thing that I don’t like here is the animation. The x1 speed feels slow to my eyes while x2 speed is of course way faster. It’s like there’s nothing in the middle. The special skill animation feels slow as well, it makes it tiring to see for me after 2-3 times.

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