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GoetiaX  About GoetiaX

GoetiaX is a story of a world where mages and djinns they summon rebel against the Divine that destroyed their world.

The game uses Live2D® in order to give players a unique enjoyment for in-game character art.

In a world destroyed by the Divine, human mages and fallen angels work together to rebel against the Heavens against beings known as “Mara”. As the story progresses, story missions will be separated into 4 different branches. Can you find a way to defy the Divine making different decisions?

As the story progresses, new areas will be added into the world map. You will be able to travel the world as a mage and challenge numerous missions!

In GoetiaX, other than Live2D®, characters also have voiced lines by Japanese VA! You can interact with your characters by tapping on them.

Combat System
You can deploy up to 12 characters at once, with positioning and character element being the key to victory! Character’s position is determined by their weapon proficiency!

Progression System
A character’s progression depends on the player!
Djinns will be able to freely change their skills as long as they learn specific skills from skill books. Furthermore, there are other avenues of progression, for example giving flowers to your djinns to increase their intimacy levels. Train your djinns well to develop the strongest djinn!

GoetiaX user reviews :

I’ll say this honestly. The game is very very nice, The story is extremely well written at least for me, The characters are great, The devs aren’t that stingy but the problem is how the game freezes after 15 minutes of playing. This has happened most of the time and I hope you fix it. Overall,I recommend playing it if you’re a story telling addict like me.

The game is fairly typical for your standard auto rpg. I haven’t gotten to really look into everything it has to offer yet, but the reason I’m so quick to give it 2 stars is because it cuts itself off on everything when it comes to text. You get about half the speech, and when it’s supposed to scroll… Too bad. You hit a button and closed out without getting the rest of the instructions. It also needs to update the tutorial vids to include English text, but those aren’t problematic.

Good graphics, love that you can bring 12 units into battle, good story. But it is essentially an auto battle grinder with a loading freeze bug, which means you cannot auto battle. So you can’t play. Would be nice to get a fix soon.

this is the mobile version of a browser game I used to play and love called Tower of Goetia. It was a nice RPG with nice tactic elements and skill evolution by feeding units to one another to gain the fodder’s skills and increasing already learned skills’ levels. The translation in this mobile version is a mess, mistakes are plentiful and the rarity of units is completely different than the original, but there’s still some decent looking mechanics. Giving it 3 star for nostalgia value.

Interesting story, cute characters. Only thing I’ve found that is a pain is some of the text cuts off in the bubbles so you’re missing some of the dialog, but for some of that you can bring up the log and see what was cut off.

Game in general is good, except for the combat, and that is a pretty big issue for me. This may as well be a completely auto-battle game. If the control scheme was closer to something akin to Final Fantasy 4’s control scheme where you can actually choose the actions, unlike how it automatically resorts to a basic attack here if your not fast enough, then it would be, in my opinion, monumentally better. I’m probably going to drop this game solely because of the combat.

So far I’ve had a blast playing. The game ran super smooth and I was playing on a fairly low tier phone. After a somewhat recent update, the game started freezing when loading a battle, both with or without auto repeat. Sometimes multiple restarts are needed to stop it, but even then it doesn’t stay fixed for long. Still happening on 2 different phones and emulator.

This game can be awesome or average. It has very strong points that could make it your favorite. One of them is the overall feeling the game gives with the art and story. It’s unsettling without being creepy or gory, with an interesting story and a way to deliver it. But even if I didn’t enjoy it, I recognize it’s quality. I quit because I don’t have time and the story isn’t for me. About the gameplay and graphics. I believe this a budget game. Story 4.5/5 Gameplay 3/5 Gacha 5/5 Art 4/5

I like to be immersed when it comes to story heavy games, and this one absolutely delivers. I’m fascinated with the characters and lore and keep wanting to push forward to learn more. Combat does seem to be auto focused early on, (though I have been lucky in my pulls) but some of the bosses do hint at a more hands on approach a bit later on.

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