Gravity Brawl – Bbrawlers are just waiting for your kill shoot

[Game] Gravity Brawl

Gravity Brawl  Crazy fun, 2d multiplayer shooter in zero gravity with tons of unique characters, wacky weapons, and awesome powerups.

An awesome set of playable arenas to fly through and shoot everything in sight while celebrating wins with your friends on team mode or solo play in 1 on 1 matches.

Put your battle pants on! play offline to practice so you can be the best on online games with players all over the world.

Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to have fun! while flying is zero gravity without anything to hold you back.
Shoot and you shall fly away, pushed back by your weapon backfire, drifting in the zero gravity arena where other brawlers are just waiting for your kill shoot.
Don’t let them down!

To make things even more interesting you can unlock a different kind of weapons with all sorts of abilities like damage, range, fire rate, and how much they push you back.
It’s not all! You can also upgrade your brawler to have more health points, better weapon skills to improve your weapon stats and upgrade the damage of the bombs you can unleash to the world.

Want to play against your friends? no problem! You can create dedicated rooms and invite others to join in. It’s more fun to shoot at friends than strangers.

Before you begin a match you get a boost up your skills with a little help from our booster: extra bomb damage, shield enemy bullets after you hit, improve fire reload speed and double the dash reload speed so you can fly quickly and get the best angle for your shoot.

Collect tickets by winning an online match and you can enter the awesome challenges like the Pinata Fest where you and two other brawlers need to shoot a big Pinata and get extra coins in the process.
In Rumble league, you test your skills against a never-ending swarm of brawlers and your objective is to reach the maximum number of kills.

Finished with the challenges? well, it’s time for some customization! select your favorite hat, different jet style or spawn effect to be unique and show off your look in the arena.

Go ahead – try it out!

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Gravity Brawl user reviews :

It’s a nice game but there is some bugs and please include more and hard maps. Thank you
  • Yellow Tie Games
  • Thanks for the review! you can join the Discord server and report bugs and give suggestions for improvements
Great game hopefully in the future there will be more stuff like brawlers,weapons or more customize stuff.
  • Yellow Tie Games
  • Always working on more, thanks!
Im a top of these game plese update more level and weapons ang character, need some map and emprovement for grapics. Thise is the bugs: After you win sometimes you can’t claim reawards just black screen or no claim in the claim area in the game, every event refresh, your money has gone -4000 for none reason, and the damage is delay every hit, imposible to get ticket for events, and its lag for 2gb ram phone, but the game is great need to fix some bugs, thank you
  • Yellow Tie Games
  • That’s great! Hope to see you at the top of the board in the tournament as well. Thanks for the detailed feedback! I will be sure to check it out and fix it More maps and characters are coming so stay tuned
I recently downloaded this game and it’s super fun to play and it’s a good time killer so I recommend people to download this game, the reason I gave it only 4 stars is because the energy to play is too less so I can’t spend much time in the game. If you can increase the energy it would to great and I look forward for the update of this game otherwise it’s a awesome game.
  • Yellow Tie Games
  • Thanks for the review! There are also events to play using tickets or tournaments you can join and play more
I really appreciate the developer and the cool stuff I really expect same performance in the future..
  • Yellow Tie Games
  • Thank you!!

wow! great fun! really gooooood lol! when you hit the other guy it’s such fun

Nice Game! But Can Be Improved A Lot, first thing make the characters little more vibrant and dynamic. Try To Keep Them A Little More Realistic because they look cartoons. Btw Other Features Are Nice But In Tournaments When We Register the timer runs out after 5 mins and we have to watch ad again so please remove that. Improve The Graphics As Well And Add Borders To The Bullets And Bombs And Also To The Character.

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