Ground Operation – Fight a variety of enemies

[Game] Ground Operation

Ground Operation  Features are:

Campaign mode – a set of missions connected with story.
Arena mode – Capture The Flag and Control Points – team matches with bots ( single player mode ).
Demolition Race mode – lap racing with weapons
Boss fights
Fight a variety of enemies: from soldiers and missile boats to helicopters and giant battle robots.
Buy new cars and upgrade their capabilities.
Use cool powerups: “Super Damage”, “Force Field”, “Sentry Gun” and others
In “Arena” game mode assemble your team and manage it’s behaviour.
Find the Hippie Van to trade hidden guns, bonuses and powerups.

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Ground Operation user reviews :

Armored strike is too easy even multi-player mode is really easy. So I tried this game.edit: I forgot to tell you there’s abnormal thing that disabled my data but it work when I played armored squad. Pls fix it and that’s OK if I’m gonna start all over again.

Hi,Ground Operation is cool it’s also my favorite game! I Like the Cars and skills I also got tricked on Mine Field skill because it looks like the mortar weapon in armored squad but now I know it’s a Mine Field skill. And your games are cool too.

However its same to armored squad but your in a car not in mech but this cars are same to mechs units.

I love your games and armor squad wowwwwww I have all robots in one of your games and this one is fun. I hope you make more games

Its just like armored squad bt with low graphics and different game modess

Cool game but need some weapons and new cars also graphics please update

I like this game its like armored squad the one enemy in oflline he hi from the “ground oparation nice

i think this is armored squad it’s like armored squad but so cool!!!

I love this game but I’m max robots I want this game updated

This game is just like armored squad but more fun

No multiplayer please make a more games

this game should have some lore so people who play amord spuad my want to play this so you get more players to this game

If i open it a ads show to me and if you dont install it you cant play the game

This game is the same as armored squad

add more levels contant and weapons!

ADD MORE GAMES PLZ NOT ONLY 2(armourd squad & ground operation) also in campaign plz put chapter 2

hey guys i think this game is the same as armourd squad

This game is very nice, but im angry at scarface he’s so boastful even tho he cant kill me

This game is make me fun right or your gonna make more game men make the game dude in 2021

I still remember this game my old childhood game its so tragic

Hi owner I like this game this is my favorite games in the world

Good but… The 7000 vehicle is all you need to complete the campaign and if you use your ability well but after the campaign there isn’t much purpose for you to play anymore
  • FoxForce Games
  • Hi! Many people seems to like Arena mode more than Campaign. Thanks for the comment!
Just a thought, make the vehicle you are protecting with a little bit heavier armor; the vehicle explodes too fast. Other than that, i love it.
  • FoxForce Games
  • Hi James, you can decrease the difficulty level in the game menu. It will make all of your allies stronger and all of your enemies weaker. Thanks for the comment!

Cool,but… It’ll be cool if you added different online multiplayer modes. (Team fights,ctf,point capture,rtc)

2/3/18 around there: Make auto play but make it 10000 coins. Edit 4/30/21 : Hey, it’s me again, so when I had said about that auto play, I ment a specific game feature that allows the car to play on it’s own, I wasn’t sure what I wanted back then but I believe I had thought of the auto play because I used to play a game that got deleted a longtime ago, which made me sad know.
  • FoxForce Games
  • Hey! What autoplay are you talking about? Thanks!

I love you fox force I love this game its similar armored squad but can you pls add more levels i finished all

Pls pls put multiplayer and can you make a camera angle following the position of the gun also make a moba arena pls + learn more about multiplayer
  • FoxForce Games
  • Hey! We’ve tried the “camera follows weapon” mode but it was very hard to control your vehicle in this case. Thanks for the comment!
Good fun game, the kind that you hope the developer is making money so they can continue building stuff like this.
  • FoxForce Games
  • Hi! Thank you for the kind words, we appreciate it

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