Grow Kingdom – Grow your very own heroes and mercenaries

[Game] Grow Kingdom

Grow KingdomGrow Kingdom : Kingdom Growth!

Fun and simple strategic defense game!

Engage in fierce battle with live action 3D monsters!
Fend off the enemies and grow your kingdom even stronger!
Grow your very own heroes and mercenaries and apply your unique strategy to protect your Castle from invading enemies!

Use various items and unique skills to fend of the enemies!
You can enslave the captured enemies! Let them produce valuable resources for your kingdom!



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Been playing for about an hour and so far pretty good. Fairly balanced and no forced, obnoxious ads. Ads are optional for extra coins to obtain the necessary upgrades so you can beat the evil Jun hoarde. Plenty of options to upgrade troops and heroes. Will see how it continues over the next few days. Played it for several days and it’s pretty fun. You do hit the dreaded Paywall eventually and then you can grind away or PTW/PTP.

I like the game. Lack of tutorial for certain actions and items. Ad bonus will not work. Worked twice then stopped altogether. I am struggling to progress because of this.

One of the best games I’ve played in a while. Can move forward without going broke.

so im now quite far into the game and feel like while it’s a good game that’s not at all pay to play it has more potential. if u have played a game called grow Rome empire it allows u to send your own army on a raid and attack other bases/castles and has a map u can conquer. so maybe that would be a good update that’s not to ambitious. but overall I’ve had lots of fun with the game and really hope the developers put more updates and things to do. as tbf it’s one of the most honest games out there

really like it so far. only thoughts. gold is a little hard to earn, all troops way underleveled to the difficulty. gold ads don’t work after game is up for a little bit. and last thought – will there be a leaderboard at some point in time? great game

Was going good , got to level 10 and had a nice bolster of troops , but now every time I start app I’m unable to leave town and all of my anything is maxed out , and strangely the ad booster still shows up after awhile. Having this fixed would be a 5 star

To be completely honest I was skeptical because there’s a lot of games out there that aren’t really what they seem or they’re too heavily focused around micropayments aka pay to play but this game isn’t like that at all it’s honestly fun… An extremely addictive game I enjoy it

Fun, enjoyable. Could be improved a little more. The heroes and their skills are a bit weak and under powered. Major draw back is the gems needed to upgrade army size, and almost everything else.. Have to pick wisely for troop expansion as its unbelievably expensive per upgrade with gems

great game that keeps me hooked. I haven’t figured everything out yet but I love how it keeps you going with hunts and endless mode. yes it has ways to progress with money and I wish the time wand was like a dollar or two not $5. If the updates continue and they make it easier to obtain 3x I’ll be around for awhile, may spend a few bucks if they have any deals.

No timers. I enjoy this type of game but they always seem to have timers. (there is one bug I’ve come accross when your melee troops go too far out neither they nor your archers fight and you just watch them die, only happened once so far. would be nice to have a recall button or perhaps just let them swing till their bloody hearts are content.)
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Surprisingly good game. And this is genuine from a real human, not from those bots you see out there.

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