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[Game] GT Manager

GT Manager  Manage your team from the pit wall to master the art of racing. Compete head to head online with other players.

Scout sponsors and drivers, invest in your factory to research and build performance parts. Create technological alliances with other players to trade performance upgrades. Score championship points and climb rankings to move up Leagues.

No driving skills required, Instruct your drivers from the pit lane
Collect official racing cars from Porsche, Mercedes, McLaren, Nissan, Audi, Corvette and other top car manufacturers
Build your team facilities: invest in your factory and research, scout sponsors and drivers
Score championship points to move up online leagues
Trade with other players to acquire new cars
Research new parts for your car and recycle duplicate cards
Improve your racing cars performances and drivers stats
Race sprint, endurance, daily races
Participate every weekend in the 48H Endurance Series taking place on four different race tracks
Choose the tyre strategy
Race on 16 different race tracks
Adapt your strategy to the race events

GT MANAGER is free to download and play, however, some in-game items can also be purchased for real money.

GT Manager user reviews :

Absolutely beautiful graphics, controls are on point, management of the game itself is very reasonable. I have noticed this game unfortunately only works on certain devices (newer stronger phones). It would most definitely kill a phone with less than a 3500mah battery in a short time. Only issue I have found is sometimes, rarely, the full map gets pulled up when I have my second driver boost. No big deal tho lol. And I put money into the game, so there’s a long grind for free playing people fyi

The game starts out really well, I’d say it’s the best of its kind… but then you quickly hit a wall; I don’t mind a bit of grind, I even expect it, but when you’re unfairly pitted against a rival with cars from the next tier, your grind grinds to almost a halt and your only option is to collect blueprints from daily races. This is some of the worst balancing I’ve seen. It would have been 5 stars all day if not for that obscene oversight.
  • The Tiny Digital Factory
  • Hello! Thank you for your feedback. The matchmaking system is based on the number of cups you have and not on the car you use. Depending on the league you are in, you will face opponents with the same number of cups but it is also possible that you will race against players with better cars and better staff. Thank you.
Game was decent until the last update. Went from being able to win a fair percentage to losing most races. Tire wear is now outrageous and terrible, the daily race payouts are a joke if you don’t win the first time you’re probably going to lose game currency. Having actually spent real money in game this feels like a slap in the face.
  • The Tiny Digital Factory
  • Hello! Thank you for your suggestion. We value our players opinion and your feedback will be taken in account. Our game is constantly evolving so do not hesitate to share your report if you have issues at support[at] !

This is a really fun racing management simulation game. Most importantly it has a really good grinding to paying balance. Sure you can pay to get ahead quickly but unlike most games you can process easily with the just the grind as well. Plus, the grind is fun in this game.

Update..I had to perform the update and now it won’t load all the way and if I close the game out and try and reopen it, it says must perform update and it won’t load… right after writing this another update was available and it’s all working and I like this game. I like being able to switch back and forth from my drivers and change what they are doing and their pitting.

I think this is a pretty good game. It’s fun building up my cars and team. I have been able to stay competitive without spending money. You can win the head-to-head battles with a good strategy a car isn’t as superior as your opponent. If you can afford to spend money, the season pass is pretty good and is only like five bucks. It’s not a must have to progress in the game and you still have to grind for it to benefit.

Great for an old guy like me that’s lost his edge. Cheats a bit on the ads but that might be Google’s fault not sure. Wish it showed what gaps the between my drivers were to plan pit stops better, and showed how fast the cars were going. Not a great amount of detail on that.

I’m always short of cash in game. I feel like the point is purchase. There aren’t enough races you can do to upgrade your stuff. I’m still giving it 4* though because I do enjoy the game itself. 5* needs to resolve the cash issue.

The new update is confusing, the updated pit entry/exit speed is updated to be slower and even with an equipped pit crew, the opponents already half or even worse already 3/4 of the track, I suggest to rebalancing the cards stats because of the updated speed on the pit.(especially the pit crew because before balancing Its only 3.0 second, now it’s 3.2 second. 0.2 second is a matter of win or lose in race) Also some night time race option in the future? (Like Bahrain because racing on day is hot
  • The Tiny Digital Factory
  • Hello! Thank you for your feedback. We have made some changes to the cards all of our players to improve the general enjoyment of our game. Regarding the daily races, it is a known issue and we are currently working on fixing it. Please contact us at support[at] so we can give you a compensation. Thank you.

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