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[Game] Guardian Chronicle

Guardian Chronicle  Guardian Chronicle

In Guardian Chronicle, you will be defending against a swarm of enemies by placing random guardians on a battlefield.
You can present various strategies and tactics based on the combination of guardians you are using as each guardian has a unique skill.
Defeat your opponent and claim victory with your personal set of guardians!

 Real-time Defence
You can defeat enemies real-time through competing or co-operating with another player.
Defeat more enemies through placing your guardians in the preferred locations and challenge the best by building a stronger deck with the rewards obtained from your victories.

Competitive Mode
In a 1v1 competitive mode, you will be competing with another player to determine who survives against continuous waves of monsters. You can defeat the monsters in your battlefield and send them back to the opponent’s battlefield.
You can advance to higher tiers and obtain more rewards to upgrade your deck.

Co-op Mode
You and another player will be co-operating and facing waves of enemies during a co-op mode.
Break your highest co-op record by defeating more monsters and surviving longer with your partner.

Your Personal Deck and Strategies
In Guardian Chronicle, your personal deck will be composed of five different guardians and one master.
You can create your own strategies and tactics with a master, as a master can turn the tide of the battle with its powerful ability.

Guardian Chronicle user reviews :

I’ve been playing this game for a while, month and a half, and have noticed that if you get the enemies that split after death, then split again after a second death, that your chances of losing go WAY up. Balance in this game just isn’t close enough to take the game serious, it’s a fun CASUAL game. The game is absolutely pay to win. When you first start, if you pay to get legendaries you will steam roll all the other new players that it matches you against until you reach higher levels.

Good side: 1. Even with or without lengendary cards, still can clear the coop/corp with your tactics. 2. The producers always improve their graphic, add new challenge, event, playing styles and towers (skin & new towers) every season. Side should be improved: 1. In the beginning of new season, the game is lagged for few days after maintenance. 2. If I or my opponent/ ally uses emoji, my game will be trash – need emergency log out to restart.

Edit: FIX YOUR SERVERS AND MY LOSSES DUE TO DISCONNECTION. this is just bad. I just kept losing cause of sudden loss of connection giving me no choice but to exit the game. I see people have the same experience as me. Yes the servers, random disconnections, unable to place or do anything on the start of a round. Its a great game with lots of potential. Need to make a way for free players to earn gem tho. I will change this rating in the future. Cheers.

Nice game play bat some issue about the event questions not responding.. But all very great add more hero or item slot for hero a hope yiu cant ready this thank you fir the game

There’s literally NO WAY to do a draw (be it x1 or x10) without paying a cent. Everything everywhere is bought with real money. That’s really dumb to make the gacha money only. Completely unbalanced too. Legendary pieces are so overpowered. Don’t lose your time. Once you get to gold they stop sending bots to pvp and you lose to 5 legendary teams. Unbalanced. Also the server is SO bad. You’ll lose so many matchs dcing. This game is dead from launch.

its good but it’s kinda disappointing that it hasn’t any pre registration reward XD but the game is simple and great keep up the good work

I will update this review when I do get to connect to the servers.

pls fix the connection problem but everything is good so far

Simple game, would be far better with a map pack released every month rather than a single new map. I mean it would completely, entirely level up the game, practically a different game. Also your disconnect detection does not exist, don’t punish players for your unbelievably terrible servers. Your connection issues are the main reason for such a low rating, without which you would probably get 4*

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