Gun Master 3D – Take up your gun and shoot ’em down

[Game] Gun Master 3D – Shoot ‘Em Down

Gun Master 3D  The robots are coming – it’s time to pull the trigger!

Take up your gun and shoot ’em down in an epic Gun Master 3D game!

If you like action movies and games about undefeated assassins, then Gun Master 3D is just for you! Challenge yourself and conquer all the rivals on your way to glory! In Gun Master 3D you must prove your professional skills and show who is the best warrior and secret agent of them all! Once the game starts, you’re attacked by a huge crowd of robots! Shoot ’em down with your gun: attack them one by one to survive! Don’t forget about the hostages! Those robots are true criminals, they keep the victims locked up! Beat ’em all with one shot to save the captives and become a hero!

There are many in-game items to attack the robots. Choose the weapon you like most and kick the bad guys with one shot. Look for exploding barrels and boxes scattered on the arena, shoot into them and defeat the crowds of enemies within a blow! Be attentive and look sharp ’cause the assassins can appear out of nowhere!


Action-packed game
Beautiful 3D graphics
Many difficult tasks requiring accuracy & quick reflexes
Intuitive controls
Simple interface

Don’t forget there are many enemies of different sizes and levels. The criminals are fearless and well-armed, so they’ll attack you all at once and try to defeat you immediately! But it won’t scare the best secret agent, right?

Be brave and save all the hostages, get to the helicopter and become the ultimate hero!

Gun master 3D: Shoot ‘Em Down is free-to-play, but it has some in-game items to purchase.

Well, what are you waiting for? Download the game now – it’s time to save the world, agent!



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Gun Master 3D user reviews :

Good game but everytime I unlock a new weapon, the circle thing just keeps loading so nothing happens when I click get gun. So I end up losing every new gun I unlock

After 5 minutes of playing I had been subjected to 4 minutes of adds. And even the minimal time I played the game is so basic I was bored with it.

It is good and fun, but i give three stars because everytime i hit the enemy it hangs like nothoing moved

Pretty fun but it is unrealistic that the robot things kill you instantly even the tiny ones

This game is so bad every time i hit the enemy it just falls and then gets back up like i nothing happend

Lots of fun to start but very repetitive leading to boredom

Its a cool game you can fight boss robot and big robot and a small robot and a gun robot and a little guys and a big copter

It’s really good and fun with a little bit but it’s good thank you app store for sponsing this video by Roblox you can circle my Roblox account if you want to get some Roblox just ask me just do that thank you

Brilliant game but holy moly enough with all the adds every time I do a level

Fun game. Too glitchi, always having to close or wait for network. There is nothing wrong with my network . Not worth the effort. Deleting.

Quite simple and rather boring. I would have thought the graphics would have been more advanced and like super cool. The first weapon of choice is basic and unexciting. To move up levels was quick and easy with little to no reward.

I love the game just can you please add back the fire wand I liked that weapon so please bring it back

you’ve played a thousand games like this one…dull ,uninspired gameplay with levels over in 15 secs so they can flood you with ads.the levels start getting repetitive quickly and level 12 kept freezing so l uninstalled this game.its not missed.

Went to level 9, liked the winning progression not a buy, buy, buy type of game, too much advertising. I thought the app lacked graphics. Fun but not in a addictive way.

Quite challenging and exciting with advanced graphics. Super cool.

I like this game cuase you can get lot of cool weapons and you can spam click the guns and knifes

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