Gun Trigger Zombie – Become the best zombie Hunter

[Game] Gun Trigger Zombie

Gun Trigger Zombie  More than 10 million survivors are preparing to save the world. Become the best zombie Hunter joining the survivor’s bunch.

Zombie Apocalypse, suddenly occurring one day. To survive in this world, you should be the best shooter that can be used to use several weapons.

You can obtain a variety of weapons by killing zombies and performing various conditions.

The acquired weapons must be replaced with the mounting order to suit your style. Also, collect coins and strengthen weapons. The deployment and strengthening of weapons are prerequisites for surviving.

In addition to weapons, several items are available to deal with zombies. If you are hard to deal with zombies, take advantage of items.

Realistic tightening game:
Realistic visual effect
Unique behavior for each weapon
Various sound effects for each weapon
Powerful impact

Special Weapons:
Complete the release conditions for each weapon and acquire weapons.
Many weapons are available. Determine the characteristics of the weapon and kill the zombie.

Various missions:
Fight with zombies to complete several missions and earn compensation.
The difficult mission is the waiting, the higher the rewards.

Ranking Competition:
Fight the zombie and collect the blood pack.
You can compare the number of the blood packs with survivors around the world.

FPS game [Gun Trigger Zombie] Please save the world.
Because it is an offline game, you can enjoy a zombie shooting game anytime, anywhere.

Gun Trigger Zombie user reviews :

Good enough rail FPS to kill a few hours. Careful how you spend free loot or you can get into trouble early doors. Worth a shout.

Love it, easy to play and you get to destroy zombies, brill.

THIS GAME IS SO COOL i just got the game i i like it and can you add a good gun like a gun that is a lot of money and pls make more games like this

Cool game so far graphics are good like the auto fire on the weapons

Could have a touch more special effects while playing but still a good shooter

I really like the game so far.Graphic is a bit blurry though….

I don’t like this game it be comes boring after playing in the same spot over and over again.

Cool shooting game wish I can move side to side

I really don’t like first person shooter game but this one has me addicted

Good frustration reliever, bad traffic? Shoot some zombies ! Dealing with an irritating people? Shoot a few zombies

Not bad at all!!… keep working on this masterpiece!

What is this kind of games there are lots of zombies & lack of bulltes how can it possible survive these zombies less than no. Of bullets nice graphics, nice control good weapons but where is the BULLETS . I want more bullets. I think you can say developer i have purchased 3 or more guns then i have lots bullets or if one 25 bullets , 2 gun 30 bullets ok but enough bullets becacuse zombies are so hard & heavy i dont kill enough bullets.

I will just add this review to ssy thst the screen shots are from DL, what the hell. You literally grabbed s picture of a goon snd DL2 gameplay and added a gun to it? Wow, at least give real screen shots. Will play to see if the reviews are a hit or a miss

I love actual gun play and graphics are Amazing

Great. Graphics fun game good job

cool game control good ads my choice which is great well done developers thank u

The game has good graphics..and easy to play… So the game is nice.

Great game, nice way to kill some time

Ctrls and graphics are good…axe throwing zombies are the new feature which is rare in zombies games.

most weapons cost 1000 gold or more but the game starts w2 guns The ads rewards for gold is best part Play for while before any guns

I love it the game play is epic and the style is fun like why did I delete it before its simple but I love it I give it a five star rating

Fun game easy to o play just the stages are to small or short

Very challenging, exciting and easy to operate.

Pretty damn good game with too many commercials

To give 5 stars, I would brighten the pitcher, so I can see alittle better. Out her than that everything’s great no complaints. Jules Marion Jolliette Quebec

I’d enjoyed playing this game up and help’s me specially in times that I am bored…

Good and amazing, very funniest but difficult

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