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HabitCat  What is HabitCat?

HabitCat is a simple tool that helps you develop any habit you want. Create a habit, set your goals, and start tracking your progress. Dark mode support! No annoying notifications or alarms, no advertising. With HabitCat you stay in control and keep you focus on what matters to you.

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Your data belongs to you. HabitCat does not use app tracking. Your data are only saved on your own device and not accessible to us or any 3rd party. Track yourself, we don’t track you :)
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HabitCat user reviews :

Fits my needs for a simple and intuitive way to track habits. Just set them up and pick a frequency. Tap when you perform the habit. The graphics are clean and I don’t mind the cat theme. Seems like a well thought through design and interaction.

It’s a very simple and good app. My only wish is that there could be push notification reminders for habits that you choose at certain times of day. It’d really add to the use of the app. Other than that, it’s does what I need it to do.

Straight-to-the-point app! Can add habits quickly, can see progress. Only thing missing is a widget.

This is a very simple and great app to keep track of your habits. The only thing that I would prefer to have in this app is the ability to designate a specific time to doing your habits and being able to push out reminders.

This app is so clean and simple to use. It’s perfect and I love it. Also it’s actually helping me stick to the habits I’m trying to form

I love how simple it is to use. I also love that it is free! Great app!!!

The software industry has to be the only one where it’s acceptable to ship incomplete (or broken) products! I’m a catdaddy, so I like the idea of this app … but where are the cats? Not only are the cats missing, user customization and configuration is missing, as is over 85% of habit tracking functionality. The devs should’ve delivered a logarithmically more complete product; right now this app is just bad self-promotion. On behalf of all cats, I implore the devs: get it together!
  • NoodleSoup
  • Hi Jeffrey, if you experience any bugs using HabitCat you can always write us an email and we will look into it. You can also contact us about features that you would like to have, we may add them in future versions. Sorry we couldn’t meet you catspectations
Since it’s free (and I’m broke, sorry), I love it. The interface is simple and doesn’t take much of my phone space. I hope the app can be improved later on by inserting numbers into a type of habit. For example, I’d like to perform a habit of drinking 8 cups of water everyday, so I’d like to input numbers of how many cups have I drank a day into that habit until it flashes green. I hope it can be done. Keep it up, guys!
  • NoodleSoup
  • Hi, thank you so much for the review and the idea! I will add it to our list for future features, that could be a nice addition :) Cheers, Sam.
It’s nice to share this, so I don’t want to seem ungrateful… Here’s why I won’t be using it: • Habit end dates should be optional. If none is entered, just continue it—don’t make us flip though calendar pages. • Use brighter, more assertive green/red for “done/not done” (optionally, at least). The dark colors aren’t very motivating. • Let us enter past days—don’t “lock” them. If I forget a day, or can’t run the app till after midnight, it’s frustrating and silly to be “locked out” of it.
  • NoodleSoup
  • Hey there, thanks for your feedback! Your past days should not be locked as long as your habit is active. If you already extended you habit that can be a bug that we just fixed in our latest update. Once you change the end date, it should work again. If that doesn’t help, you can write us an email and we see how we can fix it. Greetings, Julia
I like it simple This is what I been looking for after Downloading a lot of app but this the only one pass my standard. No reminder its just okay because thats what I looking than having a reminder then don’t work most of the time I encountered like that in those app I just download at they same time uninstalled. Hope if you updated this again the come out will be good. In my side I feel like its enough no need to update Anyway thank you for the Good work and this app exist.
  • NoodleSoup
  • Thank you!
It was simple and easy to use
  • NoodleSoup
  • Thanks!

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