Hamster Maze – Lead the hamster

[Game] Hamster Maze

Hamster Maze  Guide your funny and cute hamster through the maze full of obstacles.

Climb stairs, balance on swing, crawl over balls, roll through tubes and pass many other funny and interactive barriers. Nothing can stop you on your way to the desired food! Lead the hamster with intuitive one-hand control and enjoy the funny animations of your pet.

Customize your hamster however you want! Rescue the hamsters to choose them. Change their clothes, accessories, hats and even moustache. Combine them to get the most stylish or the funniest hamster. Progress through the game to unlock even more customizations.

Feel the speed and the freedom of the flight with the new glider gameplay.

Jump into a pool full of soap bubbles to ride one and reach the higher places.

Can you beat the obstacle course and escape the maze?

No hamster was harmed during the development of this game!

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Hamster Maze user reviews :

I love this game, it’s really fun! Altho, sometimes when i dont have internet i can’t rescue the hamster(s) so, it would be nice if y’all put a extra level where you can get the hamsters you missed, or something. Also, sometimes when i rescue like, one of those baby Hamsters, it lets you name them, but, sometimes when i try to name it i press check instead and my Hamster gets named ‘Name_’ Very annoying. I would like it if they would let you re-name them even after they’re named. Thanks!

I really like this game it’s really fun but I’m on level 19 and when I jump into the water and my hamster goes into the bubble it’ll make my phone vibrate like crazy and then freeze and close the game so I can’t finish the level please fix this! 3 stars Update!: It’s fixed! They fixed it and I passed the level thank you! 5 stars!

This game is awesome, but I think I completed all the levels. The levels are repeating, and so is the accessories.the ones that Include an add are repeating, and there are not many of them. Also, I’m on level 124 and almost every single time I go past the the checkpoint flag, there’s an add. But no offence tho, this game is still cute and amazing.

As a hamster owner, this game is adorable. The animations are cute and I love the haptic feedback built in to match the hamster’s movement. There are however a few issues for me personally. 1) UI is clean but confusing. I saw “Name_” on the screen, I thought the game wanted me to name my hamster. Instead, it was referring to the mouse I rescued. I tried to change it afterwards to no avail. 2) Ads before/after a level? Don’t like it but fair enough. Ads in the MIDDLE of a puzzle? Nope.

It’s good but after a while it repeats levels I already played I hope they change this.But overall it’s good.

I would of given five stars if one of the first levels stopped repeating itself. Over all good game just add more levels. (PS I’m on level 72) *edit* I’m now on level 73 and I just realized I have been on the exact same level.

Would be a great game without the adverts. Eveeytime I get to a critical point the adverts cuts in and spoils progress

i LOVE this! I am laughing the whole time and managed to flip my little guy. LOVE the costumes too! Quite a few ads but I like how they are all advertising the latest new games I actually play and will download.

It’s cute as hell but it won’t let me rescue the girl hamsters in the cages. When it goes to show an add it restarts the level. Fix that and the game would get five stars from me.

This game is adorable! I would definitely recommend this. I would also suggest Multiplayer or something like that. And more clothes and accessories etcetera.

This game is really fun except, whenever I want to play a video to get a new skin or something, it won’t let me.

I love the game but some of the stuff is really hard like going up the things with the silver balls or the things with the yellow balls all in all its pretty good

Level 41 is impossible, please fix the part before the bubbles!! I can never get ov er those ridges, but once that is fixed I will give five star and change my rating, thx

So I think this game is great!!! It only has one thing wrong with it, now idk if this is just my phone, but the ads aren’t working (when I want to get an item). Pls fix this I love this game so much!!! Also I have a couple requests, can u make it possible to rename ur little hamsters?? And also can u make it possible to go back to different lvls, bc then I can get the skins I missed out on bc of the ads not working. Tysm!

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