Hamster Village – Create a fairy tale island

[Game] Hamster Village

Hamster Village  Create a hamster village like a fairy tale.

Just by looking at the happy hamster heaven will make your mind at ease.

It’s a game which anybody can enjoy.
Collect various cute hamsters such as farmer, barista, woodcutter
Create a fairy tale island as if you were in the middle of the Mediterranean
Find different hamsters such as surfing hamsters, hamsters wearing doll clothes

Please look forward to our updates.

Hamster Village user reviews :

This is a very fun and addictive game, but I have trouble sometimes playing this game. Yesterday, I got a new island to add on to my village. Since my phone died, it didn’t save my progess and I had to restart the island that I bought. And I spent a lot of coins on it. Also, the game is starting to get really slow, and my phone said that this game was not responding. So, please fix this game a little

This is such a well made game! Regardless of it’s category, it’s a well rounded and worthy *mobile* game to have. The graphics are just right and fit the games cuteness and overal soothing atmosphere. You don’t have to grind for hours to get anywhere, like other games. The main thing for me, are adverts. They actually work and make sense on this game. They don’t bombard you but when there is an option to watch an ad for a reward, the rewards are great. I would happily pay for this game. Easy 5*

I very much like the game. It’s cute and fun to check in on, and I’m glad you can change the hamsters’ look so you don’t end up with multiple of the same. The only thing I would change is to have a list of all the hamsters currently on your island so it would be easier to find and change duplicates because when there are a lot of hamsters it’s difficult to find the one you’re looking for.

This game is the best!!The hamsters are so cute and kawaii!! By the way, here are some suggestions,please let us add more houses,its kinda weird if so many hamsters live in only one house,and maybe add a beach, that will be super cool! And the last suggestion,at the beach,add some beach foods like ice cream, fruits, any type of juice,and coconuts. So far so good no problems.I would rate this 5 stars!

I love this, it is very relaxing, stressfree, addicting. You can watch them on what they are doing, you can zoom in and out, change their skin. I hope their is an events and tournament, to make it exciting. Also i hope, someday they can make a new version that hamsters can have a family, they get old until thier son/daugher will continue to rule their village.

Super relaxing game with cute hamsters, cute music, cute village items. The hamsters’ actions are entertaining, they even dance. The healing mode is so calming that I once fell asleep just watching the little guys. I love hamsters, but can’t afford to have any… So this game is good for me.

Its mt first time playing it and the hamstars are adorbs! Im not really into hamstars i have a cat and one died,i have fish and an algi frog and we use to have chicks but i never had a hamstar.i have stroked some and played with them when i go to my friends or a farm but this!, is amazing!!!!!

I love this game it is sooooooooooo fun and exciting. It’s funny when the hamsters have costumes , they also look really cute. This is a game for everyone to enjoy, so If you think you’re to old you’re not. Hope you like this game as much as me!!

I love this game it’s not the best because for me whenever I got in and played a little it started freezing up but I don’t have no more problems like that no more also this game is very kawaii and cute whenever you’re in a bad mood make you happy I love this game I insist to get this game.

This is cute and all, but it is to vanilla and boring. This is basically a game for little children, which unfortunately I am not. I will guess the age range for this game is from 5 to 10. We who are teens and adults can handle things a bit more demanding.

Awesome app!!! This is an awesome game to play on your free time, Basically you had a hamster and a small village you try to expand your village and get more hamsters! Its awesome for kids!

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