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Happy Pixel Puzzle  Happy Pixel – Free Nonogram Coloring Puzzle Game, also named as block pixel puzzle is a free classic nonogram game that challenges you to discover the hidden pixel-art pictures by coloring the blocks. You can free download the brain game for your Android phone. Happy Pixel Puzzle offers you dozens of creative pictures that are covered by numbers. Train your brain on solving the pixel puzzles and find these pixel arts whenever you want to keep your mind active or pass your time in a pleasant way. Let’s discover the mystery of nonograms!

How To Play Happy Pixel
Every puzzle in Happy pixel is a pixel art. All you get at first are blocks and colored numbers in some of them. You have to use these colored numbers as hints. Start with one number, drag the correct square or rectangle that contains the exact number of cells. The square or rectangle is filled with the color of this number. This can be very tricky. You have to think about the shape or position of all blocks. All cells of a puzzle have to be filled. After all blocks are colored, a surprising pixel picture will be finally revealed.

Key Features
Tons of completely free pixel puzzles, starting from easy to difficult
Solve the puzzles and uncover the hidden pixel-art pictures anywhere
Detailed guidance for beginners of this game
Intelligent and unlimited hints: tap the hints button whenever you having trouble finding the block
Happy Pixel comes in 4 difficulty levels, easy, medium, hard and expert, perfect for Pixel Puzzle beginners and advanced players!
Offline game: don’t need to worry about the WIFI or data networks

Happy Pixel also offers
Both challenge and relaxing mode for users
You can create your own creation with the pictures you find after solving the puzzles
Simple but functional interface
You can find the beginners’ guide in the app at any time
Undo your mistake steps without limitation

The Happy Pixel game is appropriate for both male and females, the younger generation and also the elderly. When you first open our Happy Pixel app, you see a complete tutorial on how to color the blocks and discover the hidden pixel-arts. After experiencing several successful trials of solving the puzzles, you can have a try to change the game mode to challenging mode and acquire your own feeling of accomplishment by breaking the records continuously!

This is a coloring puzzle app for nonogram game lovers.The puzzles of our free Happy Pixel app are completely logical and creative, which can train your brain and stimulate your initiative to some extent. In addition, the way to solve the puzzle – coloring the blocks by numbers also adds more fun for the puzzle-solving game.

Happy Pixel is a representative Nonogram Game, a super welcomed kind of game type at present, which can help you consume the time, offer you enough entertainment and at the same time, sharpen your mind and logical thinking. You don’t need to set aside special time for solving puzzles, just open our happy pixel app whenever you want to kill the time and wherever you are instead. There is no need to worry about the situation of no WIFI either because Happy pixel is a 100% offline game and your daily game progress will be automatically saved. It’s really an entertaining and addictive brain game that can help you relieve your stress and anxiety in your life. Train your brain and improve your IQ with Happy Pixel now!

Happy Pixel Puzzle user reviews :

This game isn’t a puzzle game it is a paint by numbers and as such isn’t that bad. All the blocks are square or rectangle, no odd shaped ones, making it ridiculously easy to see what goes where. Combined with the check/hint buttons means that you don’t need to think at all. Different difficulty levels only changes the picture size, not the difficulty. The controls on mobile are rather clunky, though in their defence it could be my cracked screen making things difficult to control.

It’s pretty decent and it feels well made but it’s way too easy. It only took me about 10 boards to have this game figured out to the point that it requires zero thinking about my next move even on the so-called “expert” levels.

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