Harbingers Last Survival – The civilization is vanishing

[Game] Harbingers Last Survival

Harbingers Last Survival    This world was a peaceful place… Until the infection broke out.

The zombie hordes were roaming around and wiping out humans…The civilization is vanishing. Harbingers from different eras are gathering here by this call of destiny. They will pick up the weapons to protect the world and sterilize the darkness! While sometimes, heroes/heroines could also be villains, aren’t they…?

Hello there, the new commander! The harbingers combat team has been assembled!
Join the battle, change your destiny and reverse the future with the harbingers!


Hundreds of Featured Harbingers and Fabulous 3D Models
Jeanne d’Arc, Solomon, Oda Nobunaga, Arthur…Nearly one hundred heroes/heroines from four main camps are assembled as harbingers; Each of them has a distinctive personality and unique skills, featuring with exquisite 2D paintings and expressive 3D action models, you will definitely want to join them to fight!

High Winning Rate, Enjoy 300 FREE draws in total
Harbingers provides you 30 free draws at the earlier stage! A total of 300 times for you to collect your favorite harbingers. Feel free to draw again until you are satisfied! Could it be an SSR hero next time? Find it out!

Gaining Resources Offline, Strengthen Power While You Sleep
A perk of this idle game is that you could always gain resources even if you are offline! You may get all kinds of weapons and resources by the offline searching feature. And then log into the game to collect rewards , improve your power at ease!

Making Tactical Plans to Completing All Kinds of Instances and Raids
Create your own formation based on the characteristics of the profession of harbingers. choose a camp and decide which strategy to use; Spend skill points on the skill tree and light up the skill astrolabe. Equip your harbingers with exclusive weapons and upgrade them with resources found from the ruins. Judge the type of your opponent and send out different teams. You can also switch between Auto/Manual battle; Experience the everchanging combinations and super cool combat effects now!

Engage in Epic Combats and Challenge Commanders Around the World
Do you have confidence in your team? Come to the arena and compete with the global commanders! Send your strongest line-up and see who can win a super treasure chest!

Match Up With A Teammate, Fight Against the Tyrant Zombie
Match up with a teammate in the Darkest Enclosure, fight against the Heterozygous Zombie that drops super rare weapons! You can also send a friend request to this teammate for a future pre-make!

Build Up Battleships, Sail and Plunder Resources
Attack type, defensive type… Various battleships can provide different attribute bonuses for heroes; Upgrade the components for your battleship, and improve their performance to help you with your expedition!

Join or Create A Guild to Enjoy All the Benefits!
Build or join a guild, custom your unique guild banner andget free guild rewards and guild exclusive sign-up rewards every day. Complete the guild mission with guild members to get more resources.


Discord channel: discord.gg/U2j5rHZ
Facebook: www.facebook.com/HarbingerGlobal/


The minimum Android version required is v6.1, but it is still possible that the game will not work or work properly on some devices that meet the requirements.
In order to install the game successfully and run it smoothly, it’s recommended your device has at least 2.5GB unused memory (ROM) to install it.


You may use the following permissions during the game:

Harbingers Last Survival user reviews :

The game is decent. I have no hate for it, however there are a few things that have made the gaming experience diminish for me. Such as animation bugs, freezing, and being unable to access things easily. For example, you can “equip all items” but there is no option to “unequip all items”. This I find rather inconvenient, but not really much a big deal. (Edit) There is also an animation freeze with Cleopatra’s Ultimate.

Game is really fun and im enjoying it so far but there is very blatent, obvious, and in-your-face art theft going on. Almost every piece of UI and pretty much all of the background art is stolen from Persona 5. Many of the icons on the main menu are taken directly from the game or from themes of the game for playstation. Not only that but the whole style of the game (visually) is taken from Persona 5 with the sharp red and black lines, the unique font, and the dialogue boxes too. Seems illegal.
  • Wanda Cinemas Games
  • If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to let us know. I apologize for the inconvenience.If you have more problems, please contact us on Discord. Discord link:discord.gg/U2j5rHZ
I have now hit a wall that prevents me from upgrading units. You literally have to wait to get xp and gold. With no real way to farm and the difficulty spike in each chapter. It seems like they are forcing you to buy upgrades, not to mention the ridiculous amount of gold and xp you need to upgrade units. The art is awesome, but the progression is truly holding the game back.
  • Wanda Cinemas Games
  • If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to let us know. I apologize for the inconvenience.If you have more problems, please contact us on Discord. Discord link:discord.gg/U2j5rHZ
Harbingers is pretty much the same as anyother gacha game mechanically. What sets this apart is the highly stylized artwork. All I can really say is that the artwork is astounding. Sorry, have to take a star away due to the fact you guys force a purchase to be able to reset account. Also there is no means to delete account.
  • Wanda Cinemas Games
  • Thanks for your comment. Hmm, if you like our service, shall we request a 5-star rating? That would be greatly appreciated! ^^If you have more problems, please contact us on Discord. Discord link:discord.gg/U2j5rHZ

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