Haunted Heartbeats – Solve the mystery before becoming the next victim

[Game] Haunted Heartbeats

Haunted Heartbeats  You’ve always had an interest in the supernatural, but never had a face-to-face encounter with beings from beyond.

Still, as a member of the occult club, you and your friends feel it’s your duty to investigate a recent rumor of hauntings in the library. However, your search leads you find a secret passage behind a bookshelf that seems to be occupied by something that isn’t quite human… But before you can report it to anyone, the entrance disappears.

As if your discovery was the trigger, a series of brutal murders begins to occur at your school. A mysterious phone app seems to be the only thing that links the victims together… A mysterious app that’s appeared on your phone.

Will you and the occult club members be able to solve the mystery of the murders before becoming the next victim? Find out in Haunted Heartbeats!


Rhett’s never been much of a believer in the occult, but he’s always been there for you when you need him the most. He’s definitely the kind of person you want on your side when the going gets tough, but does he see you as more than just a friend…?

Nick’s the president of the Occult Club and an expert on all things supernatural. He’s by far the smartest guy in your school but is never cocky about that fact. He feels responsible for involving you in this case and wants to solve it to ensure your safety…

Quiet and usually reserved, Cain is the brother of one of the first victims of the murders. He seems a little unapproachable at first, but you soon learn that he has a kind heart. Will you be able to help him avenge the death of his sister?

Haunted Heartbeats user reviews :

You don’t need rubies to play, but it unlocks different paths if you want. I’ve only played thru once so I’ve for sure missed stuff. I don’t understand the point of the mini game and would like to be able to turn its volume down since it seems separate from the rest of the story. The story is engaging, the art work solid and pretty, and few typos in the script- and still managed the spook-spook element. Thank you!

I LOVED This game so much that I’d give it 100000 stars if I could. Even though I gave it 5 stars I kind of wish we got more than 30 gems and maybe a choice to choose all three boys to get with because even though I wanted Rhett the entire time, when I had to choose who to reply to, after I chose Rhett I felt a bit guilty that I didn’t choose Nick or Cain, because I wanted to be with all three of them. Other than that, amazing! It’s better than the last one I played, which was ” kiss from death”

Story is good. But the game has issues or maybe developers designed it that way. The videos dont load even when i have notification of 30 points from video. The games load the video to multiply by 3 but no points get multiplied. Your score is still the same. If this is an issue please fix this. Or if this is a tactics to slow down the game progress..i will say its a very poor one.

It was soo much fun diving into the world of mystery and adventure but also some side romance too. I really like it no wait, LOVE IT! And I’m also very excited to play more of your games.

It was a cool game, I enjoyed the storyline – I kind of expected who the axe man was since he just randomly disappeared. I kind of wished that some choices didn’t cost like 25 diamonds since we only got 30 when we start the game. It’s a wonderful game though!

The chapters feel a bit short but the characters are enjoyable and the story is too. This has easily become one of my favorites and I dont think I’ll delete the app anytime soon. It’s a story I’ll readily read again and again. I am a bit disappointed with the end but the story as a whole feels completed and final. I definitely think this is one of the best of the games.

I love this game! I read all of the stories BUT THIS IS THE BEST ONE SO FAR!!!!!!!!! I dont even have to spend my gems BECAUSE THE ITS ALL READY AMAZING! (btw; keep up the good work!) im always waiting for new stories! But it’s always worth the wait! I highly recommend this game!

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