Headland – A powerful force shatters the imagination

[Game] Headland


A powerful force shatters the imagination core from Nor’s Headland. With his robot friends he has to find the fragments and fight to regain his limitless creativity.

Headland is a fast paced action adventure game from the award winning studio Northplay. Experience a completely new take on the action adventure genre built entirely around mobile.


Fight a host of monsters in our unique swipe-and-tap-based combat system. Unlock new weapons in arenas and upgrade them using resources gathered on your journey. Tap through a story full of vivid characters and explore a big beautiful imaginary world.


Headland is a game that you can finish. No microtransactions, ads or retention mechanics. The game is free to download featuring the first 45 minutes of gameplay. The rest of the game is unlocked through a single purchase. The full game features 5+ hours of rich story-driven and action packed gameplay with an ending.

Headland user reviews :

Played the trial. So far, the experience has been quite good. World is cute, and loot is satisfying. Controls take some getting used to – it’s difficult to control where I move and where I attack. Not sure if I have to use two fingers to play or not. And sometimes camera gets obscured by what is in the foreground so it’s hard to see. Perhaps camera then could move more above the character to allow more visibility? Anyway good work so far.
  • Northplay
  • Hi Søren, we’re glad that you’re enjoying playing the game so much. We are working on improving the controls to feel great with all playstyles, and we will put that in a future update. In the meantime, we recommend that you try playing the game using only one hand, swiping and tapping with the same finger, you might find it more intuitive to play!
Awesome! Quality game and no freakin commercials!!!
  • Northplay
  • Thank you so much for the quality review, we really wanted to create a premium experience without all the annoyances that you usually get on mobile phones!
After playing First 45min gameplay, I must say this game have awesome graphics and engaging gameplay. Controls are quite good which I didn’t expected in potrait mode. Landscape mode is missing. I also felt a little bit lag during fighting with monsters. Small file size. Overall it is the best game.
  • Northplay
  • Thank you very much for the valuable and great feedback, we really appreciate it!
Love it,tnx for making this game
  • Northplay
  • Thank you so much for the great review!

ah this game is a masterpiece the developers definitely put a lot of effort and hardwork to this game :) , kawaii graphics, smooth controls, amazing gameplay, AND NO ADS it’s simply ethereal, I’m definitely going to save up to get the full version

Wonderful game, cute graphics and good story! I love the lack of micro transactions, get this game if you want to just sit back and play something entertaining that doesn’t try yo scam you of money!

Really good game, love the gameplay & concept, but portrait orientation is not good for game like this, & control kinda annoying too, Also please add some achievement, and save cloud too

The first 45 minutes were good. Controls a decent considering its in portrait mode. My only issue is the lack on setting options. For people with low end phone like mine it would be nice to have graphic options, like to disable shadows for smoother gameplay. I would reccomend adding a stationary joystick setting as well or a dedicated attack button setting. Besides that, the story is enticing and would like to follow it. The game is worth the price. If only there were more games like this.
  • Northplay
  • Thanks a lot for the great feedback! We are considering adding additional graphics options to the game, so be sure to check back for future updates! However, we designed this game to have more freeform controls and move away from fixed joysticks. We recommend trying to play it with one hand, tapping and swiping with the same finger!
  • Northplay
  • Thanks for the great feedback!

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