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[App] Health Mate – Calorie Counter & Weight Loss

Health Mate  Health Mate is an all in one health tracker that helps you reach your health goals, lose weight, make better food choices & keep you fit.

Tracking your health is simple with Health Mate:

Built-in Calorie Counter – Track from over 5 Million foods in our database.
Health Goals – Set Goals for Weight loss, Weight gain, Macro-nutrients, Calories, Water intake & Sleep time.
Weight Tracking – Track your body weight to reach your target within the defined time.
Restaurant Logging – Quickly log menu items from your favorite restaurants.
Food Insights – Learn how to make healthier choices about the foods you eat.
Track All Nutrients – Calories, fat, protein, carbs, sugar, fiber, cholesterol, vitamins, and more.
Water Tracking – Stay hydrated with hourly reminders.
Activity Tracking – Track over 100 activities, exercises & workouts.
Sleep Tracking – Automatic sleep tracking using your smart phone sensors to help you improve your sleep.
Heart Rate Monitor – Measure your heart rate accurately using your smart phone camera.
Health Calculator – Calculate your Body Mass Index (BMI), Ideal Body Weight, Metabolic Rate, Body Fat Percentage, etc.
Use Tags to better understand how your lifestyle affects your progress.
Daily Health Tips to keep you motivated.
Supports both metric & imperial units.
No external hardware required.

Download HealthMate and start living a happier and healthier life today!

If you are facing any issue, please write to us at We will reply back within 24 hours.

Heart Rate Monitor is not to be used for medical purposes.

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Health Mate user reviews :

I like the app. I like the simple interface. However, I hate it when I input a food manually and then when I use it again but the serving is two, it does not automatically calculate. I also have to multiply by 2 the calorie and macros which is such a hassle. Unless that is resolved, my rating will remain.

As someone just beginning to use this app, I like how the sections on water intake and food tracking work. I am also happy about how workout selections are not just limited to running or walking because in using this app I also intend to track the amount of time I spend on all my workouts every week (like circuit training, core workouts etc.) The only thing that doesn’t seem to work properly is the sleep tracker. If fixes can be done on that, I’ll change the rating to 5 stars. Overall, this app is great. :)
  • Thanks for your feedback!

I like the look of the app overal, finding the food is relativly easy it helps that you can find it in more language then 1. Sleep tracker is a joke very buged, and im having trouble doing a measurement with heart rate monitor, dont know if its compatibility issue or what. Also it be nice if free users had more then 7 days worth of data. Overal the calories and food intake is a 5/5 for me but the other side features are 2/5

I’ve used other calorie trackers, so far I like this the best. Well-designed. Has extra features like for Sleep and recording Heart rate. Free version is good enough, with paid options allowing subscription or one-time lifetime upgrade. I’m not a fan of subscription model so it’s really nice that they have an option for one-time payment. Only downside for me is that it needs to be online to access the food database. But I guess that helps keep the app size small.

The best workout/food/water/sleep tracker I’ve ever downloaded! I was pleasantly surprised to find that this app counts carbs. For the first three days there was an audio that tells me exactly how many hours I’ve slept right when I wake up and unlock my phone! :) However the audio voice stopped already. I like how “sleeping” is under activity and shows how many kcal is burned when you sleep. It makes you want to get enough sleep.

You cannot add the portion sizes in metrical system. Everything it’s in cups and oz. It’s very confusing. Also the measurements in the app rely in bmi and don’t reflect reality ( at least for me. i work out 1h, 7 days a week and i have lots of muscle mass) and you can’t edit them.

Your app is good and I made a purchase to get rid of ads. But I wrote this review to clear a doubt. There’s an app just like yours in the playstore named health and fitness tracker with calorie counter by droid infinity. Everything is similar except for the subscription model. It’s expensive compared to yours. I only found your app coz it recommended your other weight loss app which is still in beta. I wanted to purchase pro but was sceptical coz of this

This is the best health app I’ve come across. I don’t know how it is not more popular. I use this in conjunction with Samsung Health to track my calories and activities. I’m trying to lose weight and this app does everything I need it to. The only thing I wish for is better integration with other health apps e.g. Samsung Health as I wish that I could send calorie data from this to Health.

WOW! Such a nice app. I installed this app in order to gain weight and this app helped me in drinking water too which I have marked it unimportant in my daily life. When I was searching the app for gain weight in play store, I got many apps and installed it , the other apps were asking to sign in with Google account even though I don’t want,but this app didn’t force me to sign in with account and also gave an idea of gaining weight. Thank you very much

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