Helix Stack Jump – Smash balls through colorful platforms

[Game] Helix Stack Jump

Helix Stack Jump  Play Helix Stack Jump now, and enjoy this addicting arcade style drop game!

Hyper casual time killer game that you can play for 5 minutes or 5 hours – download now!

Jumping ball awaits your command – blast, smash and bounce through helix platforms. Smash balls through colorful platforms that block your descent, but watch out – if you hit a black one it’s all over! Helix Stack Jump is easy to play, hard to master. Simple gameplay at first with hard challenges as you progress! Stack king legends are ready to be made.

Ball falling addicting game – smash and blast through the helix stack. Ball falling strategy lets you launch the ball at full speed and create a fireball to smash through even unbreakable black platforms!

Play offline, anywhere you go – this helix jump game is a great no wifi game. Fast ball game is exciting and addictive! Jump free and avoid the black to keep your ball falling all the way to the end. Block, fall down and crash through the helix platforms like no other game – it takes some serious skill to jump your ball to the end.

Blast to the bottom! Simple One tap, easy-to-learn controls and amazing visual effects takes this casual game from awesome to epic!

Download today and find your fast ball groove!

Helix Stack Jump Features:

Casual Game
One tap helix gameplay is easy to learn
Addicting game, hard to master
Jump game that is free to play
Helix games are fun for all ages
Hyper casual helix stack jump game

Addicting Games
Arcade game style jump helix game keeps you on your toes
Stack hit strategy will get you to the end
Smash ball through the helix tower

Play Offline
No wifi games keep you entertained wherever you are
Addicting game will hook you
Play offline anywhere
One tap and the helix game starts!

Download this relaxing jump game today and stay entertained for hours! Easy and simple to start, a hard blast to the finish – challenge yourself to play every level!
Read/write storage permissions is used for screenshots and cache user save files.

Email us at support[at]kooapps.com with any questions.

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Helix Stack Jump user reviews :

I love everything about this game,it really helps to relax my brain

Nice game.i played so many times but I don’t get bored .but I  think need improvement ,pls modify some levels .and also I give 5 stars

This game is pretty interesting and relaxing. I only put four stars cause if I put five stars it will sound like I am obsessed with this so yea

It is an interesting game but I don’t like the fact that there is no challenge. It’s quite easy for me

Very good game and full fun with good graphics enjoy this game

I love the game the game so good if y’all want to play it team up and play with me I hope they got people can join with us to play because I really wanting to play with people and see how it go all of my jewels collected

I really like this game! There aren’t that many ads, and it’s a great time-killer! Also, for everyone leaving bad reviews just because of the ads, please remember that without ads, the game devs wouldn’t get any profit. Anyways, great app! 10/10 from me

So when you don’t want to see ads there is an no ads on top of the screen in the corner so then it’s like 4.99 and we don’t want to spend all that money even though people are not that rich and like I’m not other people are so if you guys could just let people push no ads like without the 4.99 because I don’t want ads I’m tired of that that would be in that would be in The Sims that would be another kind of games cuz I just don’t want any ads that will mess us up so we in the middle of game

This app is a very fun and satisfying and the levels get more and more chaleging witch makes it more fun amd you can change your skins and lots of fun things that i wont say just incase you are reading this and have not gotten the app becouse these things are for you to have fun finding.

So interesting and lovely, love the game so much

This game is super fun but there are almost always an ad at the end of a game.So i hope they could see this so they could change it to no ads

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