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[Game] Little Hero

Little HeroEscape: Little Hero

Little Hero prologue –
My daddy is a detective.
He fights bad guys every day.
I snuck into the “police station”, daddy’s working place.
I followed daddy as he left the “police station.”
He went to a warehouse at a deserted harbor.
I was inside a cage.I have to get out of here!

For Android Escaper!!
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compatible devices(動作環境) :
Xperia acro(IS11S)
Arrows ES(IS12F)

Little Hero user reviews:

One of the best I played so far. Wish they would make more like this though not enough out there.

Loved the game had to cheat for codes. If u take something away then u put something in its place. Glass breaks w/ a screwdriver?? Have fun!!! Thanks for the fun :-)

Pull the books in the color order that is on the paper u got from the sink… and u will get scissors to cut the string.

Could sb tell me what’s next I stuck with a shard ‘hoe, rabbit, blue weight, &the pin how can I open the drawee beneth the house and the door in the one containing medicien ,the one with screw and how to get the weight from the table

To get last number take safe code, add #s. Then subtract # on bottom of green weight where u got 2nd bunny. (12 – 9 = 3). Thats ur answer. :) Have fun, I did!!!!

Can someone please tell me what to do with the bolt and how to get the codes!

Since snow white, I always need hint but this time all by myself. I’ m a big fan. Waiting the next great game

Good game.. A little hard with the weights and books.. But good game

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