Heroes and Merchants – Recruit heroes and equip them with powerful items

[Game] Heroes and Merchants

Heroes and MerchantsHeroes and Merchants : Experience a fantasy crafting game with hand-drawn graphics and lots of interaction with other players.

The game is already available in English and German.

train your artisans and create valuable items
recruit heroes and equip them with powerful items
send your heroes into battle and let them collect valuable resources and other loot

join other players in guilds
summon epic raid-bosses and defeat them with your friends
swap needed resources with guildmates to build items

Competition (in progress!)
have your heroes compete with other players in duels and receive rewards
take part in exciting guild matches and reach the highest league

Heroes and Merchants user reviews :

Ok actually atm is more 4stars but i like the dev that answers reviews without auto msg so gets 5. Now the game is good and i like the design and art. my suggestions are to increase a litle bit the text on tutorials to read it easier. Also highlight the tutorials so some ppl know where to press and get the hang of it. I will update with suggestions the more i play.
  • Oliver BohnesJanuary 10, 2019
  • Thanks for your first impression. We’ve received similar feedback aready and will do some adjustments in the next release to make the tutorial more easy to follow. Kind regards

Nice but not much to do. Right now I’m just leveling up everything. Also, the boss raids can be underwhelming cos they only drop resources & gems. I was hoping for random rare loot from guild raids atleast.

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