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Heroes Inc  Craft the greatest Heroes in history and save the world!

Create new super powers and build your alliance of heroes to face the attacking army of evil robots. The battles will be epic, the enemies are endless, and your heroes are greatest in the world!

An army of alien robots has attacked earth, the people need your help! The invaders are numerous, they demolish buildings with their mighty fighting mechs and wield an vast arsenal of laser weapons. Unleashed on the world, humanity stands no chance against this evil… can you save them from this doom?

Build your laboratory, experiment and create new powers! unlock advanced technology and develop new abilities to use in the war against evil. There are hundreds of powers to discover, will you collect them all?

Even the most powerful super hero can be overwhelmed, out maneuvered, and defeated… You must train your heroes, teach them to use their new powers! Unlock their unique skills and watch them decimate their foes!

Game Features
Craft super heroes – there are hundreds to discover!
Fight as your new heroes – unleash their powers upon the battlefield.
The enemy comes in many different forms – can you defeat their army?
Destroy the enemies leadership – Duke it out in epic Boss fights!
Collect new elements to unlock new super powers.
Build the best hero lab in the world – forge the greatest alliance of heroes ever seen!

Visit  lionstudios.cc/contact-us/ if have any feedback, need help on beating a level or have any awesome ideas you would like to see in the game!

From the Studio that brought you Mr. Bullet, Happy Glass, Ink Inc and Love Balls!

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Heroes Inc user reviews :

Good game, I’ve never played it with wifi on so I dont know anything about the ads, and my only problem with the game is the lava enemys. They are really strong, and half of the fire corps is too weak against them making it very hard to level up a lot of heroes. Also, it wont let me level up HQ higher than level 2, but sense that might just be because the developers havent made anything past level 2, I wont let that effect my rating. The gameplay is good, but can get boring after 30 minutes.

Neat premise, alright execution. Don’t bother paying to remove ads, though; unlike other games I’ve purchased that option for, this one continues to give you ads constantly, and they’re necessary to do just about everything. Hard pass.

This. game. is. AMAZING. Sure, it does have lots of ads but it keeps me busy 24/7. I found this game when I got an ad while I was playing Design Home. This is my favorite game on my phone and I love it so much. For people who are looking for a new game to keep you busy, I recommend Heroes Inc.

Amazing game. Easy controls. I like how vague the heros are. You’re able to use your imagination from all the stuff you’ve played and watched and It can easily be them. Add heroes from my heroe academia like deku or all might. That’d be awesome. There’s a bug were the Atlantis base, you can’t buy it. Fix this pleaseeee. Keep up the great work!

The idea is good, and I do think the concept idea is good. However, after completing the third level, where you run through the city with one of your two previously created hero’s, you are supposed to go into your collection and I guess upgrade a hero. But you can’t. You only have one “upgrade card” for each of your two hero’s and, it doesn’t really show you what to do on this page. There’s an add directly after the third level, and it just crashes the game. Fixing these will improve the game…

It’s a fun concept but it the problem is the lack of customization there are many heroes that you can create but they don’t really cross if I chose one ability I can only match it with one other even though there are still 3 other on the selection screen that could match with it if your going to make a super hero maker than you have to put a lot of thought into the customization also the save the city levels get repetitive and anoying FAST especially since there are only 3 levels

Actually, overly aggressive ads will just cause you to NOT make money, as people will uninstall the game app real fast. It’s human nature. Try to take Duels RPG as a good example of well placed and well thought out ads. Next, for the detractors whining about the game sending you into Play Store from the ad, just so you know, that’s Google’s fault, not the game company’s. Why? Because Google runs the ads and the Play Store, duh.

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