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Heroes Magic World  YES! Now you can explore new world full of war and magic in turn based strategy game in Heroes: Magic World.

This is a sequel to the popular Heroes & Magic game from same developers. This version of the game brings a new magical world full now you ca explore new map with your Heroes and you can kill zombies with epic heroes, collet gems, golds and upgrade your Units.

Duel player in epic strategy battles, play epic heroes and magic. Collect heroeses, upgrade units and explor new world. Your enemy is one of fantasy factions: unlimited Dungeon creatures from abandoned caves, mighty dragons and Minotaur.

This is new age of magic, man here is our best features:

new 8 maps with explore and RPG
Enter Free idle Arena for duel enemy, cast epic bounty spells.
Battle enemies, build and upgrade your empire.
Defend castles and kingdom and be best in world for free.
You can play with legion minotaur, stronghold, rampart, necropolis
The magic of the 4 elements: fire, water, air, earth
Build your army for free and create best gremlin for strategy game.
find your role in the war and magic your spells
8 different campaigns against legendary powerful black dragons and horde of Minotaur s from the Dungeon, skeletons, bloodthirsty vampires and legion walking dead from the Necropolis, horde

Are you bored of traditional tactical games like a idle Heroes? Do you want to use your turn-based strategy to tactical war and magic in every battle? Try Heroes and Magic for free!

If you like Heroes or games about the Heroes: Magic World will not leave you indifferent.

That’s what makes this game the best time-killer ever!

Heroes Magic World user reviews :

If you are smart and patient you do not need to pay to play. don’t upgrade because you can, only when you need to and only the cards/spells you use. don’t push trophies too hard so you get the daily/weekly/monthly rewards. game itself is fun.

Binge played the game until it became a pay to play game. I completed many of the free gem challenges and only the 3600 gem was refused. I’ve now done all the ones I can do and probably need to spend several £100s now to 100% complete the game. But very enjoyable game, close to the original I’ve been after for a long time but not quite there yet! Would love to see this develop into the old PC game. Would also like to see a card trade section with other players.

After playing for a few days I have very much enjoyed the game. However, you quickly come up against the pay wall. Which in turn means the game quickly turns not fun. The rewards also seem kind of small for putting in the effort for the battles no chests with cards given out either, also no announcement of what position you ended up in and at least what rewards you earned. Also the rate of gem usage for your secret areas are ridiculous. I understand your out to make money but this stinks.

The game itself is great, really well designed, slow build in difficulty matching the amount of cards obtained to ensure its not too hard/easy. Brings back nostalgia when playing the explorer component. The reason I havent given it 5 stars is once you reach anout 75% completed the game stops you through barriers requiring gems which are impossible to get without paying. I wish they change this.

There is nothing to do with strategy. It’s for 3 years old children who like to watch running figures. You can not control any fight. In one you win easily but in next you lose like your opponent is much stronger than you. Maybe if you are buying all offered staff it’s different but then it’s no more free game.

It’s an ok mobile version of a heroes game, but the rewards are the same for all quests. So no need to bother trying to do the monthly or weekly quests.

This is a fun game for those who enjoyed playing the old Heroes of Might & Magic titles from the 90s. Hence the three-star rating. However, like all other mobile games of its kind, it is designed to prey upon the fiscally irresponsible. Players are rewarded often when starting out but eventually the rewards are reduced to a trickle, impeding the player’s progress. The developers hope that the weak willed will crack open their wallets in order to indulge in pay-to-win tactics.

Game is fun till you need to spend money to actually have game playable or it becomes very boring. I did spend as little as possible but there were teams that were almost impossible to beat. You need gems to finish whole map and it goes up very fast. Basically P2P game and 20€ isn’t enough!!!!!! And adds…..boring. Players in arena are AI and rewards are so

Love it. Like old Ultima. However slow on leveling army. Could be a real life money pit. Other than that its awesome.

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