Heroes of War Magic – Fight against evil or challenge the gods

[Game] Heroes of War Magic

Heroes of War Magic  Heroes of War Magic is a hardcore mobile strategy game with turn-based gameplay which takes place in a huge fantasy world.

Players that love deep gameplay can find here tactical battles in the style of old-school PC wargames.

Heroes of WarMagic is also a role-playing game. It offers all that you love in RPGs: choose a path of level-up upgrades for your heroes, combine them into squads, equip them with enchanted weapons, armor and artifacts.

In this game you do not need to save the world, fight against evil or challenge the gods. Total domination and the creation of your own Empire is the main goal.

Heroes of War Magic: Chronicles – it’s time to update your list of conquests!

Game Features:

SOPHISTICATED COMBAT SYSTEM. Every turn you need to make difficult decisions to bring your squad to victory with minimal losses. Choose how to achieve triumph: use well-thought-out Strategy and Tactics of each fight or top Weapons and Artifacts that annihilate the hopes of anyone who gets in your way.

LEGENDARY HEROES of Sword and Magic with different skills and talents. Combine heroes to create the best parties against different opponents. There is no an invincible squad in the game, analyze the enemy’s weaknesses and pick up counter-heroes.

RPG !!! 4 races (warlike orcs, cunning elves, diehard people and terrifying undead) with their own characteristics, 5 different roles (DD, tank, healer, support and nuker) and the third parameter: Kindred, giving heroes a unique passive ability.

CONQUEST MODE: conquer the global map, taking province after province, dominating over the defeated nations!

HUNDREDS OF LEVELS with unique landscape and tactical plans. Each level is not just a background, different battlefields give advantages to heroes with different abilities.

Heroes of WarMagic is a free to play game, you can speed-up your progress and buy some in-game objects for real money. If you don’t want to spend money, disable the purchase option on your device.

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For any question mail us: support[at]khangames.ru

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Heroes of War Magic user reviews :

More characters!!and skill switch please! unique game worth spending for support dont let it go also camera rotation or tile info would be needed when a character blocks the vision of a tile therefor the elemental orb.keep it up!

I like this game. Specially combat tactics, you have your heroes skills, enemy skills, spell casting book, luck and 4 different energy to collect. It makes combat dynamic, inteligent and every time even in combat with same opponent different. Gameplay can be slow while you are upgrading your stats, but still every day you can have as many fights as you want in arena. It can be played easily without additional money, but membership in guilde for additional fee is worth sometimes.
  • many thanks for the review!
Dang good concept, combining strategic movement and use of abilities. Above all, in an internet full of re-skinned copies…it’s an original game. Takes a bit of play to learn your way around, but that adds to the challenge. Well done guys!
  • Thanks a lot!

The first 5 mins of the game brings me back to familiar times with Disciples 3 and Might of Magic 3. The collection of crystals makes the battle possibilities more dynamic, and you can even hurt your own team. Thus every move requires critical thinking. It is not just a hack and slash game. I believe the game is making good progress on the hero upgrades and battle scenes. Now the more interesting thing will be to see if the game allows for building up own camp and taking over others

Pretty, but not my thing. As I see it, having to run around the map to forage for magic point stuff, just to be able to make any sort of attack or use any special abilities, completely undermines the idea of gaining favorable positions, which is a major part of a turn-based tactical game. I think it would’ve been better to have characters increase any of the four elements involved naturally, and have this tweaked by different weapons, map spaces, moon phases, or etc.
  • Yes, the collecting of mana during battles- is the key feature of the combat system in our Heroes. If you don’t like it – you dont like the whole game.
28/5/20 Thanks for prompt reply… please add collect all button for chests and resources… 27/5/20 Any news of update ? or Devs left this game ? Please reply devs… 7/4/20 Superb turn based strategy game with energy collection by movement.. i have played one game like this before.. keep updating.. play(grind) to win and unlock everything concept.. animation speed can be fast ( after turning off movement animations)…
  • We hope we will release PVP update in a few days. We are testing it for 3 weeks and it is almost ready.
Great new RPG turn based game, where strategies change at every corner and building energy for skills/spells are as much as a strategy as the battle play is. Double the brain power double the fun. Unachievable 5th star for me because base layout is set. Will we able to move buildings and change our layout in the future? Wish that was more interactive.
  • Stephen, I hope you will give us 5 when we add PvP :)

Latest Update :

Pumpkin Demons event has begun!

Demon-spawn can assume various forms and hide beneath various masks. These foul parasites feed upon the souls of the living, and only the death of the host can separate a demon from the body it has possessed. There is no way to identify the infected, so just kill everyone. We’ll trap the demons we find in special vessels.

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