Highway Crash Derby – Swipe your way through the traffic

[Game] Highway Crash Derby

Highway Crash Derby  Take your race car out on the highway and cause as much damage as you can!

Swipe your way through the traffic and wait for the right moment to cause a massive highway crash.
The further you drive without the crashing, the higher you can score!

Featuring 6 different kind of vehicles including

a sports car with rocket boost
a police car
a pickup truck with an explosive load
an ice cream truck with working music player and a special ability
a TOP SECRET vehicle, hidden inside a big crate.

Highway Crash Derby user reviews :

This is a great time killer, it is simple an fun. But what makes it 4 stars is it takes a long time to get money. It will take hours to get money for a new car. A suggestion is add hazards to cars that crashed. It would make the game more realistic!

Overall it’s a fun time killer. Graphics are nothing to rave about but they are good enough. It is addictive for a little bit trying to earn coins or top your score but it quickly wears off due to the repetitive highway layout and scenery. Earning new cars costs coins which I feel are priced fair and nothing is locked behind any premium currency which is nice. Swioes once in awhile don’t register and I unintentionally crash, not huge problem, but we really just need some different tracks.

Still getting updates after all this time. I will say it gets boring with the same constant scenery.

This game is great. I always play it to pass the time. But there is one thing I can say, the one map/road feels old after a while. There needs to be something new added so the gane doesn’t get repetitive.

Really fun game, but when you crash cars could get atleast a texture to replicate they crashed or even some basic bending would be, crashes can be kinda bland.

I personally like the fact that there isn’t ads, but one thing that’s keeping me from 5 stars is the fact that the game is really grindy, meaning you have to play it over and over and over again just so you can get a new car. What I suggest is for every 1 million damage you get 100 coins, i.e. 15 mil damage=1500 coins this way it would not only be less grindy but there would also be more meaning in getting huge crashes rather than just for missions that will eventually run out. Please consider.

It takes a few minute to like this game. Until the car is crashed. People love to do massive distruction these days by watching unlogical movies and cartoons. Distructive crash car games. You will love it. Have lot if suggestion for this game 1. Increase graphics 2. Controled camera after the crash 3. Bgm music 4. More platforms. Like city, beach, hill side , snow, etc… Etc… Which looks more better Thank you

This is a cool game, but when the helicopter comes out to destroy cars in front of you they dont disappear in front of you. So you crash into them losing your points. And i wish the cars wasnt too fast. And when you upgrade to a car the coins should be more points when you hit one, cause its going to take more coins to open another car. To me its alille boring when your next achievement has higher points and not enough coins or no enough destroying points. But overall i like the game.

It’s a basic game that does as advertised. Each vehicle you can use provides slightly different ways to cause crashes. For example, the demolition truck can blow stuff up (obviously), while the ambulance can make cars ahead of it speed up. It’s a simple yet surprisingly addictive game that allows me to channel my road rage.

Very simple game. You change lanes and try to cause crashes with the most damage you can. But most of that is AI controlled. You really have very little to do or controll. Earning coins to buy other vehicles is an absolute grind. You may earn 0-50 coins in the average game and the cars cost 15000 – 100,000 coins. The amount of damage\crashes you cause has zero effect on the coins you’ll earn. There really seems to be little point to the game, especially for anyone over 12-13 years old I’d think

I love this game! Things I wish it included; Death/Injury toll, scenario changes like crashing into a busy intersection, de-railing trains, hitting specific ramps or power ups to create challenging and multiple out-comes, actual damage to cars, more car choices, a way to keep track of your car through the wreck, replay with full overview, damage price calculates during overview, a little gore wouldnt hurt either.

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