HyperFocal Pro – Perfect companion for on-field photography calculations

[App] HyperFocal Pro

HyperFocal Pro  Hyperfocal is your DSLR’s perfect companion for on-field photography calculations for hyperfocal distance, depth of field, field of view and more.

The must-have tool for the pro photographer to ensure perfect focus & zone of sharpness and keep out the guesswork from focusing to framing.

With a well-designed, easy to use UI, you can easily configure your shooting parameters and view all the relevant focus information at one place. HyperFocal provides quick setup for calculating hyper-focal distance with depth of focus. It includes an advanced graphical representation of the shooting scene, for a quick & intuitive view of the information.

With the latest update, now you can obtain Angle of View and Field of View values for accurate composition and preparing your photography gear for specific scenarios.

The app can also generates hyper-focal distance table for different f-numbers and lens focal lengths for your camera setup. The app includes a highly configurable hyper-focal distance table generator module to produce customized tables for your camera/lens combinations. You can export hyper-focal distance tables to multiple file formats including html & excel and save/share these for later use.

There is also has a convenient ‘profiles’ feature, which let you save/re-load shooting parameters. Profiles let you quickly switch between different camera/lens/shooting parameters combinations to save time while switching between your camera gear. You can also save various ‘table profiles’ to save hyper-focal distance tables for different set-ups.

A comprehensive, regularly updated DSLR database is included to provide support for every DSLRs released till date. The app provides highly accurate results using exact image sensor dimensions for different cameras (most online versions use generic, truncated values of ‘circle of confusion’). HyperFocal is designed to ensure availability of advanced configuration options for pro users and serious photographers.


Sleek, responsive, intuitive user interface.
Customizable hyperfocal distance table generator.
Advanced graphical scenario viewer.
Depth of field / Angle of view / Field of view display.
Profiles for management of multiple set-ups.
Easily share, export to multiple file formats.
Manual circle of confusion / calculate by sensor size.
Comprehensive DSLR database, regularly updated.
Complete documentation for technical concepts.
100% free, without nagging banners.

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HyperFocal Pro user reviews :

A good calculator but limited in focal length. It doesn’t go beyond 135mm. I shoot with a 300mm sometimes with a 2x TC.

Does not cover newer cameras, but that doesn’t matter. A 24mm on any full frame camera gives the same DOF results. As it will on a half-frame.

I used this app lots for teaching photography because it’s easy to use and understand. However,bit would be nice if some of the missing cameras were added and that it could calculate focal lengths less than 10mm.

Great. Easy to use. Recommended by Mattias Burling and all that you need.

Great apps, though there is one question I wasn’t able to find any answer. When you compute the field of view for a given lens (e.g. 40mm) for a defined camera (e.g. Olympus OM-D E-5, crop factor 2.x), does it take in account the crop factor of the camera ? In the example, should I buy a 40 mm lens, or should I consider to buy a 20 mm lens, which is a 40mm lens equivalent with crop factor ?

Excellent app, easy to use, simple and well designed user interface, it does what it says ‘on the box’, very useful for landscape photography in particular. No superfluous bells an whistles. A very good example of the value of the ‘KISS’ programming principle, that is: – ‘Keep It Simple – Stupid’

This app is really good . it is going to help me with my photography, i have been given a progect to use HyperFocal technic, i had an idea, but now i have seen how and where to focus it has made it all the more clear, i havnt used it in the field yet , but once weather changes i will be out and about with camera and this Brillant App. Thank you for creating this App. 5 +

My pick for hyperfocal distance. Shows everything I need in one image that represents a typical scene. Also very easy to adjust settings. Selections scrollers etc rather than having to enter values like some others. Very clean simple interface. Exactly what I want when out taking photos.

Awesome. Super easy to use. Clear interface. It does keep saying that it was made for an older version of Android then I have and I should check for updates but they are none, but that doesn’t seem to affect the app.

Useful, easy to use, accessible app. Improvement suggestions: – Add support for more units for focusing distance, DoF, and FoV. (cm, km) – Add support for manual entry of custom F-stop values. – Add support for lens focal lengths greater than 500mm.

I particularly like the bottom graphic which gives one a visual idea of a numerical setting. Being able to save multiple profiles, adding extra lens profiles make this a brilliant app. I use it as a quick field reference for my Nikon.

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