Hyperforma – Venture into a journey through the endless empty cyberspace

[Game] Hyperforma

Hyperforma  The civilization of the past vanishes, leaving behind only the Ancient Network. 256 years later, an anonymous explorer descends into its cold depths.

Venture into a journey through the endless empty cyberspace, inspired by the works of William Gibson, Dan Simmons, and Peter Watts.

Immerse into the Ancient Network and uncover the secrets of the vanished civilization. Communicate with the Titanic Interfaces and hack their secured Forms.

Secrets hidden in the Network are waiting for you.

Enjoy an exciting cyberpunk sci-fi story with dynamic gameplay and a great atmosphere.

Hyperforma is a free game but it includes some paid features. If you do not want to use them, disable in-game purchases in the Restrictions menu on your device.

Hyperforma user reviews :

Enjoyable game with great visuals and soundtrack but could benefit from better instructions. For example, the boss battles have completely different gameplay from the normal levels and I have no idea what I’m supposed to do on Ghost Battle (boss fight) level. I keep trying and dying and so haven’t played in over a month out of confusion and frustration. Help us out here, dev!

It’s a beautiful game, great graphics and fun gameplay. I like that the game can be unlocked… However, after the first chapter. It gets practically impossible to get 3* and as a completionist, it’s quite frustrating and in the end lost its fun, and became more of a chore.
  • HeroCraft Ltd.
  • Hi! Thanks a lot for your feedback. If you have any suggestions about improving it, we will be happy to hear them at support[at]herocraft.com.
Visually stunning – easily on a par with games such as Monument Valley and Hyper Light Drifter. But the gameplay is frankly wierd; the main gameplay is a mashup of Breakout with Rez, while the boss levels riff on Super Hexagon. Sadly, after beating three bosses, I still don’t understand the main gameplay, and the boss battles are a frustrating nightmare, since you’re expected to precisely rotate left and right while shooting. And that’s at least one button too many for a touchscreen game…
  • HeroCraft Ltd
  • Hello! We are really sorry to see that you dislike our game. We are thankful that you expressed your opinion and gave us valuable feedback. We respect it and will try to be better in the future.

Amazing game. A gem that’s hard to find. The sound tracks make it unique, it leaves you with a good impression. Personally, I was hoping for a final boss battle with the Egg of God. Team Nord Unit, if you’re seeing this, your game was awesome 5/5! Please make more, I’m waiting for SCALE and if possible, can you make boss battle with the entity seen at the two different endings? Either way, I loved the two endings. Just wish there were more dialog and story telling in the two endings.

Waited until I completed the game to review. And hoo boy, is this game good. Although there is one issue that I faced is that, sometimes in the main menu, the game doesn’t do the thing I want it to (primarily if I want to continue playing). Disregarding that, the music and artstyle is phenomenal, the gameplay is challenging but not impossible and very satisfying (the sfx is also satisfying), the story is pretty good too and the levels aren’t too repetitive. In conclusion… you NEED to play this

The story line along side the visual aesthetic, had me immediately intrigued. It’s almost like a Tron-esque vibe with some distant Matrix feel to it. The graphics are simple but so we’ll put together. And the actual game play is simple, but it makes you think, and try to see things from another angle. Seems like a lot of thought went into developing this game experience. Coming from someone who’s definitely not a video game person, whatsoever… the most refreshing gaming experience I’ve had.

Your game is very cool and interesting but too many cutscenes and takes too long to load for a game level that is so brief and easy. Fix and reduce ur cutscenes. It takes forever to load and the cutscenes would only make sense if it was like an open-world game, which it obviously isnt. So please cutscenes not necessary
  • HeroCraft Ltd.
  • Hi! Our game has a story that affects the game. We are sorry that you don’t appreciate it, we’ll take it into account. Have a good day!

Hello developers! This game is superb and way too challenging! I love this game so much because of it’s beautiful graphics and music. It is like next level of ping pong game. But you can’t compare with that. Easy controls, challenging levels and fantastic storyline makes this game, one of the best and excellent game for me. No complaints about the game ! Good job developers and it’s team! Keep going on like this…

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