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[Game] Ice Scream 5 Friends – Mike’s Adventures

Ice Scream 5 Friends

  In the previous chapter, you freed your friends from their cages, stopping them from ending up in the extraction room. But you couldn’t get them very far, because Rod showed up at the last minute and they had to go back into hiding. Your friends are now in different parts of this huge ice cream factory. You need to get them all together and defeat Rod, the evil ice-cream man, once and for all.
In this new installment, you’ll begin playing as Mike. For the first time, you’ll be able to switch players and become J. again whenever you need to. Explore the new parts of the factory in this chapter, face the Mini-Rods, the ice-cream man and reunite Mike and J.
Pre-register now and you’ll get a secret key that will allow you to unlock a special item on the game’s release.Features:
 character switching system: for the first time in the series, you can switch between playing as Mike or J, allowing you to play in different areas, depending on the character.
New enemy: confront this chapter’s new Mini Rod. The ice cream factory guards who will try to stop you from running away and will alert Rod if they see you. Show off your skills by dodging and escaping them.
Fun puzzles: solve ingenious puzzles to be reunited with your friends.
Mini game: complete this chapter’s most exciting puzzle in the form of a mini game.
Cinematic narratives: travel back in time and relive key moments in the history of Rod and Joseph Sullivan.
Original soundtrack: immerse yourself in the Ice Scream universe with unique music playing to the beat of the saga and voices recorded exclusively for the game.
Hint system: if you get stuck, you have an elaborate hint window at your disposal that’s full of options to help you solve the puzzles based on your playstyle.
Various difficulty levels: play at your own pace and explore safely in ghost mode, or confront Rod and his assistants in the various difficulty levels that will put your skills to the test.
A terrifyingly fun game suitable for all audiences!If you want to enjoy an experience of fantasy, horror and fun, play “Ice Scream 5 Friends: Mike’s Adventures”. Action and scares guaranteed.
Playing with headphones is recommended for the best experience.

Ice Scream 5 Friends user reviews :

Ice Scream 5 is till now the best installment in this game series. The developers did a great job making this game. I am enjoying it very much. It lags sometimes, but it’s not a big problem. It has good graphics, nice storyline and great puzzles. The minirod puzzle is a bit difficult. When I throw the trash at the windows, the minirod doesn’t clean it and just stays there. Waiting for Ice Scream 6. Overall, this is a great game. Thank You

Same issue I’ve always had with Keplerian games, while the storyline and gameplay is smooth and flawless, if you happen to accidentally click an ad instead of closing it out it will cause you to lose all progress on the game cause it will reload to the title screen. I’ve uninstalled so many times after losing a game I was about to beat. Unless you pay to remove ads, it can be frustrating to play in ghost mode where you have ads to deal with.

For some reason the game isn’t working for me :(.When i enter the game i select the gamemode but when i click play it automatically kicks me off the game.Ice scream 4 has the same issue in my phone but i have played the ice scream 1,2,3 and i have never had this type of problems so why now.I really hope you can fix this i am willing to play this game

I love that Game nice graphics, nice storyline and voices But I would love to give this 5 star, i have to give it 4 star for when I was so close to beating the game some how i got logged out because of the ad and lost all of my PROGESS.

I enjoyed playing the game very much. The only problem is I can’t complete the throwing trash mini-game. The Mini Rod always stop cleaning the windows when I was about to complete the mini-game. Please fix this problem as fast as possible. Thanks a lot.

This game is amazing the window puzzle took me ages to figure out but is completely and some of you say its a bug when really it isn’t,you need to make sure the mini rod doesn’t hit anything and bring him to the air vent at the top left window

This game is amazing.It took me a day to complete.The game doesn’t have glitches.It is a fun game.I like when we can play as mike and J.In ice scream 6,I think we have to reunite Lis and Charlie.But Why I give you 4 stars,because I pre-register and I can’t find the mystery key.It was annoying.The game is so great.

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