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[Game] Idle Angels

Idle Angels  The best Idle Strategy RPG game! Collect and upgrade your angels, battle with your friends!


1、Idle System
Your angels will fight automatically even if you’re not online. In this way, you can get massive equipment and gems easily.

2、Battle Strategy
Choose the right angel, match the right skills and select the right equipment.
Paly now and use your wisdom to build your “Invincible Fleet”!
Enjoy the game with simple operation!

3、Tons of gameplay
Idle mode, fighting system, adventure tasks and Angel collecting, training and awakening!
Also, there are encounters, arena and guilds!
Believe me that you will not be bored here!

Do you want a shield brother in the face of dark claws?
Would you like to raise a glass to your old friend after the victory of the battle?
Wear my clothes, let’s kill the enemy together!

Idle Angels user reviews :

A very reasonable game so far but I do feel the pay to complete/win is high on this app and the most basic package is too expensive the developer needs to lower the price of the most basic upgrade to complete daily tasks…it just needs a £0.50/50c or £0.99/99c purchase to allow the price of completion to not be so high. This game has some great 2D art but an easily accessible galary would be a great addition.

I love this game. But seriously, are the equiptable items maxed at level 175?? Because getting better equitment is one of tge easiest way to power up your angles. I havent been able to go on from where i am in the “story” for almost a month now, my combat rating has gone up a couple,maybe even a few million, but still not able to. When will there be better gear again?
  • The max level of gears is influenced by the boss level in dungeon. There are many other ways to power up angels, like upgrading gem and artifact level, awakening and training.

I was excited to have the chance to get a SSR Nekomata. I thought that even as a f2p I could get it with effort and time. Spends tons of diamonds to get the final points to get the bar to 70 and hopefully summon Nekomata, only to find myself 5 pieces away unless I shell out at least what adds up to 5 usd. To just be ripped off in an event I gave all my resources and time to hurts. Could have put it elsewhere in the game and skipped the event if I knew it would be luck or p2w at the end.

You guys are just way to cruel, 45/50 nekomata shards… and then you have to buy the rest with IRL money… This is the worst game experience I have had in my gaming life. I usually only spend money on games that has battle pass, but I’m a F2P idle gamer, because I find it more interesting, and it gives me a better feeling when I catch up to P2W, but this is just cruel… Game is good, and the probabilities to get angels are reasonable(I don’t know why some complain about that).

There is something going on with the app now. It force closes everytime I open it to play and it never did this before. I miss the game and hope yall can get to the bottom of this real quick.
  • You can contact us on Facebook if you can not enter the game. We also deal with messages on Facebook.

The game is fun, but I’ve noticed a lot of really shady practices, such as false RNG with the intention of paywalling. If you want any of the event summons, including the new Advanced Trial summon, you’re gonna have to pay for extra tickets. Everyone I talked to, including myself, got capped at 45/50 shards to summon Nekomata, and the only way to get more summon tickets is to pay. So if you’re here competitively, prepare to shell out the dough. If not, just settle for the freebies.

Beautiful Art, Terrible Combat System. You’ll love the way it looks, and the music, and the array of famous characters you can utilize and dress up. Beyond that, the game itself is tedious, frustrating, overly complex, based on cryptic knowledge of strange debuff skills, and just generally unfun. It’s such a shame the artists don’t work with better game designers.

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