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Idle AuWuuLa  There is a group of primitive people lives in a prehistoric tribe.

They depend on hunting to survive. They’ve learned to tame wild animals and raising them in their tribe. To beat larger and stronger beasts, they’ve developed various types of warriors. They continuously expand their territory and explore this ancient world.

In this game you will collaborate with many other warriors to fight against gigantic beasts together. you will also see the progression of your tribe becomes prosperous little by little. Go on a strategic battle with other players in the fight arena. And many more new species and fossils waiting to be discovered!

We hope you enjoy the excitement and challenges brought by our game. To experience happiness and sorrow of the primitives. Live, improve, grow together.

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Idle AuWuuLa user reviews :

Ads are optional, if that’s what ya wanna know, actually, they’re limited! It’s easy and addictive. Great pastime, on my Samsung tablet it’s fine with the battery probably fine with yours too! I have 13 reasons why to download and play the game, but that’s for another time. Have fun! My username is arkar fyi.
  • WGames Studio
  • Thank you so much for your support. Your words will be a great motivation for us.
the tri-destrot is to simple in its advantage just giving you the ability to dodge an attack from the strong against foe it should more effects of this strategy rule, games idleness gives me that dopamine, as well as a bit more challenging because I gotta change the strategy to win, still stats look to be stronger than strategy.
  • WGames Studio
  • Thank you very much for sharing your suggestions with us.
Fairly fun and feels fair. Lots to do and whilst I know the paywall is coming, I’m not there yet. Docking a star because whenever I change my team, I have to change it for every different attack or defence avenue. Why isn’t there just an “apply to all” button?
  • WGames Studio
  • Dear player, you can send your suggestions to sinagameint[at] in more detail. We value your suggestions and thank you again for your support of the game.
So & So .Endless ad machine with medium rewards . Gameplay seems fun for a week or two . Afterwards you are doing the same or even less but slower .
  • WGames Studio
  • Sorry for not satisfying you, we are also working hard to do better. If there are good suggestions, we hope you can share with us, we will take it seriously.
Pretty good. The only thing I don’t like is how in the arena I’m overpowered by someone who’s power is 5k bellow mine. That makes no sense. Otherwise it’s alright. Every character gets to shine.
  • WGames Studio
  • Thank you very much for your love of the game. This is also a fun of the game. To win the opponent not only the combat power but also many strategies, including the position of the team, I hope you will like all this.
Not bad… I just get a kick out of the graphics. There is alot of fine tuning they could put in to make it more unique for each unit , same unit different tactics
  • WGames Studio
  • Thank you for your 4 stars! We will continue to work hard to provide you with the best gaming experience.
alright where do I begin. you don’t exactly force ads down are throat which im so thankful for. it’s a fun game. lots to do for playing about 30 minutes or so. so far I really like it I’ve matured 6 out of 9 people and I’m excited to try sacrificing and see what’s new
  • WGames Studio
  • Thank you very much for liking it. You can also communicate with other players about the gameplay, which is also very interesting.
Needs a translator in global chat. It’s also impossible to get more legendaries after receiving your first one(which doesn’t do much damage at all)
  • WGames Studio
  • I’m sorry that the game did not satisfy you. You can also join your own language-friendly tribe. At the same time, the game can improve your combat power in many ways. You can communicate with other players in the game. This is also a kind of fun.
a two-headed legendary dragon in this game you need to play it it is so fun it’s amazing are already see the boss is literally in 32 I think you’ll need to get strong like you was more characters get stronger you strong
  • WGames Studio
  • Thank you very much for your detailed sharing, we will continue to work hard to provide you with the best gaming experience.
The graphics and game play are both fantastic! My only complaint is that the game crashes constantly, but maybe that has been remedied in the new update. Unfortunately, I can’t open the app now though because it keeps giving me the “please update the game” popup and redirecting me to the play store even though the update was already downloaded so I can’t play at all now I even tried uninstalling and reinstalling.
  • WGames Studio
  • Dear player, are you unable to start the game after completing the update? Please send your detailed information to us via sinagameint[at], and the customer service will help you solve it.

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