Idle Civilization – Go through the whole history of mankind

[Game] Idle Civilization – World History

Idle Civilization  This is a simple strategy where we play on behalf of the ruling class of an anonymous society, develop its productive forces, and switch socio-economic formations.

In the game you will go through the whole history of mankind from primitive communities to a classless society of the future with technologies for interstellar flights and time travel. The story depends on the choice.

The improvement of productive forces will take place within the framework of real historical events: the Marathon battle, the Punic wars, the fall of Rome, the Crusades, industrial or socialist revolutions.

Nothing is predetermined in advance: one wrong step in the economy of the young Soviet republic, and it will end. You did not show sufficient rigidity as an imperialist predator, and the one who is larger ate you. Less reformism and reaction from the Soviet government and the result of the Cold War are not a foregone conclusion.

All this is seasoned with craft watercolor graphic;)

Now the game is in the late early stage of development – the basic mechanics are ready, but the amount of content and balance have yet to be filled: events, improvements, pictures, texts, time travel, and later other planets.

Now the most valuable thing for the game is your feedback, suggestions, comments, ideas.

Idle Civilization user reviews :

Seems like there’s a lot of work left to do, but the game is functional from start to finish, and it’s pretty fun! Problems I’ve seen: Some choices are interesting branch points that lead to a different path for your civilization. Other choices seem to have only one correct answer. Upgrades don’t seem to be retroactive. This means buying too much of an industry early will result in lost productivity later. Kind of a bummer.
  • kodoo
  • Hi, William! Thank you for the feedback. You’ve got current state of choices mechanincs pritty precisely. It is to be improved with upcoming new classes relations mechanics. Not-retroactive upgrades was kind of feature — making player to think about future and don’t force introduction of obsolete means of production. Not sure about it in futer
This game is far too railroad-y. It has some choices but ultimately if you try to stray off the set path, the game just ends with no warning. It gives choices just to immediately take them away and force you a certain direction regardless. Not to mention how upgrades are not retroactively applied so building too much of a thing before buying an upgrade can make it harder on yourself. The constant pop-ups every, literally, 5 seconds are also pretty annoying. It’s a neat concept but needs work.
  • kodoo
  • Thank you for the feedback, Jay! I share your feelings about mensioned points. There are some choices which result depends on current situation more. But there are few of them right now. Increasing player ability of his history creation, feeling of freedom — is what I am working on right now
Amazing. Especially appreciated the depth and attention to pre-history. Would like to help with English translations. Minor suggestion: Give user more freedom over game speed. Normal was almost too fast to tweak or appreciate all. I love civ games and I have forever looked for one really going into pre-history. Yours is the practically the only one, with a serious grasp on history and human social development. Not so much “idle”. Decision trees and scenarios add replayability.
  • kodoo
  • Thank you, Pat! Hope to develope more complex game about human social development in future. More control over game speed will be included in the upcoming update.
I love this game. Although it still could use more content, such as the translation of Space Exploration, more of a use for the hearts, and a continuation past time travel. Or make time travel more then just a reset. Also the USSR is pretty annoying, every time I’ve played they’ve taken over my counrty, I just tried doing a playthrough as the Bourgeoise but they just start a revolution no matter what! It’s boring playing as the Soviet Union every time. It gives you no choice which is just sad.
  • kodoo
  • Hi Beebs, thank you for the feedback. There is translation of Space Exploration now. I share you position about content expansion and time travel mechanics. Why you think you play as USSR? It may be DDR or PPC or any other country, where workers have got the power. People don’t like to be poor, hungry or dead when they can not

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