Idle Coffee Corp – Create and manage your coffee empire

[Game] Idle Coffee Corp

Idle Coffee Corp  Become the biggest coffee shop leader in the business!

Create & manage your coffee empire in the caffeine boosted idle game! Refine your coffee recipes, boost managers and automate your workflow!
Expand your franchise and give your economy a boost with specialized managers that will automate the workflow of your shop!


Automate your workflow to increase your idle income
Get idle cash, even when you are offline
Profit from a smart investment or two to boost your economy
Hire managers to increase your workers’ motivation
Prestige feature
Manage your coffee shops worldwide!
No internet connection needed

Build the biggest caffeine empire ever!

Idle Coffee Corp user reviews :

I love this game, I played it a year ago and I lost my progress due to new phone etc, so I am starting over which I don’t mind at all! However I finished an Ad for more cash and it froze, I went to reopen it and it stayed froze. I restarted my phone and it opened the loading screen, but it won’t load past it. I really love this game, so please fix this :( I will glady rate 5 stars once this is fixed

This is a very fun game! I’ve played it before (previous phone) and was excited to get in to it again. Something I had an issue with then, and again now, is that it seems the NY Cafe won’t load properly once you’ve opened others? I open it up and it freezes the game. All the other ones work still, so I just play with those! Great fun overall!

Love the game but my turbo manager suddenly only lasts 5 minutes in New York although I have the bonus that should make it last for an hour… Happened after I updated the app and logged in with my phone instead of my tablet… It also appears that it wiped out all my progress in every location except New York although when I was logging in it showed all my progress saved I spent a year building up my stores only for most of it to be wiped away

Too many bugs – no service there are unfortunately lots of bugs concerning the Prestige Upgrades. At a certain point the game freezes and you’re not able to play any further – even after uninstalling and reinstalling the game. this unfortunately happens in each of the four gameplay locations. Customer Service hasn’t replied within the last two weeks. So if you like idle games like this, you’d better find another one

Enjoy, but am stuck as I have reached a point in the game that everytime I go to open one particular shop stand it freezes ands crashes the game. Unfortunate since I was really enjoying the game.

I got the game a few hour ago & was playing on it until i watched an ad for the last stamp for a time jump. After the ad ended, the app froze & now it won’t go beyond the opening scene. It’s a shame because i was really enjoying the game. If this wasn’t an issue, i would of given a 5 stars

Once I prestige once if try to buy the 2nd station the app would immediately freeze as if it’s about to crash but it doesn’t. I’ve waited for over an hour and it’s still frozen. But other than that it’s a good game so far. Until this bug gets fixed, this will remain to be 2 stars.

Very fun game hopped back in 2020 and started play in 2019 if you want a very fun game with easy beginings this the perfect game for you these are the type of games to enjoy and a great past time.

I love this game, but it’s so buggy. It freezes on Berlin cafe when I buy the second coffee stand. It resets the Moon Cafe every time I load the game. Please fix it

I love the game but all of a sudden the guide of “ACTIVATE TURBO MODE” pops up and hangs nothing works no further movement at all . I can’t even close this pop up message or go back. Kindly fix the bug the game is really good.

Been playing this game on and off for 3 years. Love it. But for the last few months I can’t even get past the loading screen.

I can’t go back to the new york cafe without crashing the game. No way around it so I’m stuck. Otherwise the game is pretty fun

Its a good game but sometimes I get a bug that sticks me at the loading screen please fix it thank you.

I liked a lot playing this game.But its been 2 days i installed it and today from after noon onward the game opens and when i press the play button its kinda like stoped not working.please fix this.I kinda started and liked this game.pease fix it

It is a cool addictive game..however the vip cards have just frozen and i cant use the golden tickets to turn them..please fix this bug

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