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[Game] IDLE Death Knight

IDLE Death Knight  The greatest idle RPG

No need clickers here! Only non-clickers are welcome
The easiest idle RPG game is coming!

Progress infinitely with the system that auto-farms and auto-loots even when the game is turned off! AFK is the best way to play this game!
Think ‘DK’ when you think of IDLE!
Taptap! Be ready for an AFK adventure!
Non-clicker is welcome! Lead your skeleton monsters now!
Come join in on the fun with Best AFK mobile RPG game ‘IDLE Death Knight!’

The Death Knight’s limitless, quick, and easy progression

Death Knights are born in dungeon and Born to fight in Dungeon!
Death Knight can be a hero to all!
No more resurrections! Just limitless progression ahead!
Non-Clicker is welcome! No tapping needed. Automatic criticals and powerful strikes! JUST AFK!
The Death Knight’s progress is infinite! No boring level caps!
Just AFK! Only 60 seconds needed to level up and upgrade artifacts!
Auto-farm in dungeons for an endless flow of item rewards! The game that keeps on giving!
Are you Ready to fight in dungeon?! Your greatest adventure will begin now!

The chronicles of the Death Knight’s conquest of the monster realm!

Taptap! Sick and tired of heroes and mercenaries?
Become the greatest Death Knight of the evil realm. The greatest adventure awaits!
Limitless content such as the non-secret Cow Level and so much more
No paying to win! The idle RPG with tons of rewards and events
A Collection RPG with over 1,000 dungeons to explore with no limits on farming
Various skills, quests, and artifacts for your Death Knight’s limitless growth
Monsters are waiting for Death Knight Heroes. It’ your chance to defeat them all!

The Collection RPG with infinite farming to whet your appetite for collecting

Become a knight with full of adventure! Become the grim reaper!
Customize your Death Knight with tons of costumes to choose from!
Every Death Knight is unique! Create your own build!
The Collection RPG with hundreds of pieces of equipment, artifacts, and skills to choose from!
Over 30 types of weapons with buffs just for owning them!
Better than warriors and knights! The swag of the skeletal warrior, Death Knight!
Taptap! Attention Please, let’s start and make a journey with full of adventure

Regarding App Permission
The permission below will be requested for the following reason.

Mandatory Permission
This permission is needed to save and load game data from your external storage.

IDLE Death Knight user reviews :

So…no tutorial. Freakin A! Tutorials that force you to go through each menu, one by one, are tiring. They can also suck the fun out of otherwise good games. If you’ve played many idle RPGs you’ll figure this out in no time. This is a really great idle RPG. It’s fun and engaging. The graphics are good. The menus and upgradables are many. And more content is coming soon.

This game has provided a wonderful experience in the short time I’ve been playing. Ads aren’t common, if at all, and are entirely optional for some extra things to speed along progress. It’s a wonderful idle game that I’ve been enjoying for the past few days. Overall, 5 stars is the best I can give, and 5 stars are the best they’re gonna get.

So far unplayable. It wants me to enter a hero name, but the keyboard doesn’t come up on Android 11, Google pixel 3XL, so I cannot do anything. Update: Decided to give them the benefit of the doubt, setup another old device so I could fill in the name, then swapped back and it worked, however the servers went down very shortly after and have been out for hours. So I still cannot positively recommend this to anyone.
  • We apologize for the inconvenience. We are currently checking the issue and will do our best to resolve it as soon as possible.

Nothing wrong with the game itself really. If you like to basically have an interactive chat room then this is your thing, like all the similar games before it. All you do is sit around gathering resources and using them to upgrade various looks and abilities of your skeleton. The problem is the ads. There’s not too many and they’re not intrusive. They just freeze and force close the game 99% of the time,but as they’re optional, you can just not click them but no double rewards if you do.

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