Idle Digging Tycoon – Manage your workers to dig and build

[Game] Idle Digging Tycoon

Idle Digging Tycoon  Welcome to Idle Digging Tycoon!

In this idle/incremental game, you will manage your workers to dig and build beautiful buildings. Earn gold and upgrade your digging tools to dig faster.
Enjoy the addictive digging game and become the rich!

Idle Digging Tycoon user reviews :

Cute concept and art style. Giving 1 star for all the forced ads. Tap to do something, asks if i want to watch an ad for extra rewards, think “i don’t need the extra rewards right now”. Tap no on ad and it forces me to watch one without the gain of the rewards. If you make a game that gives you a choice don’t put in the forced ad after I hit no. Then it’s no longer a choice.

11.19.2020 UPDATE 3 start to 4star: I think it was a day after my first review that the videos started working. I love that I can pick and choose the ones I want to watch. I wish I could give this game 5 stars because it is cute and simple which is what an Idle game should be. The problem is the videos for extra coins, special tribe members, and ore. When they come up the videos do not play. The videos for double the coins for a certain amount of time work but not the others. Please fix or remove.

Good game paid to get rid of the ads but I’m still getting the ads to my mind that’s a cash grab

Like its name suggests, it’s an idle game. Usually I get online for about a min or so to upgrade things and you’ll be left with nothing to. If you wanna hasten your progress there are tons of ads to watch. If you don’t watch ads the progress is pretty slow. Good for people who don’t want to take too much time for a game. However graphics are nice.

I love rhis game cuz you can go to diffrent place and the diging animation is very sadisfaying this app has to have 100M intalls cuz this game is fun and the way the decoration is added its very cool and the wheel that you can spin its very cool to and you can put workers and upgrade them and level up your stat im in level 100 and this is very cool i give it a 5stars

I love big dig it is a really fun game and I like the on Mars so it takes a lot of time to get it all done so that makes it fun for me and you

Fun at first.. But.. Often you get some in game reward that you can multiply with watching an advertisement. And many times when I ‘say’ no.. the game is like.. here is an advertisement anyway.. and that is dumb a.f. Thats an uninstall for me

Seems fun but it keeps having pop up videos and every time I click it to watch it. it will say something along the lines of video not available so then when I click the x so that I can go back to the game the whole game stops and I got to start again and then the pop up and tell me I can’t watch it like a vicious cycle

The only gameplay here is the one of watching ads every minute or so… It may look cute but one might as well just watch a youtube video.

This game you need to get some pop up ads but only pop up ads when your not doing anything here is why i said five star so i was out with my freinds i forgot to put my tablet off so when i got back i went to play idle digging tycoon and the level was complete i was so happy i went onto the next level all my workers and profit and speed and all the upgrads i made. So five star and you need to get this game if you dont well its your folt that your not playing the best game

Cool only prob is…There is no problem!this game is just too good please remove it its litterly too good.Thank you fo listenin’ to ma speech

The reason why this game got a five-star is because it was very long to do one level and it was really hard but it turned out I found that I was on the next level and I didn’t even do anything and I’m very proud of myself, definitely get this game!

It’s good but there are soo o many ads! And money is slow on the game I can see the futer of the game but someone needs to do it up a bit so it will make more cash and pepole will get the app so over all not worth getting it untill it’s upgraded.

Can dig a lot in the game and it’s very good and you want to learn how to dig

This game is good i like it very much the only problem is there is no night time at all but it is not a problem for me but there should be more features

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