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[Game] Idle Kingdom Story – Medieval Tycoon Clicker

Idle Kingdom Story    A brand new medieval idle clicker tycoon game – city builder!

Beautiful graphics, gorgeous animations, a simple interface! Earn coins, get crystals and diamonds in the idle mine, invite heroes, residents, miner, craft monuments, collect and merge cards in Idle Kingdom Story: medieval tycoon clicker game.

Business game – build your town and become the richest medieval businessman in idle royal world! Experience the medieval life of a real king and rule your city and its heroes.
There is an idle mine and miner with unique currency, which means that donation is not required!
Invest earned coins and earn even more to buy more unique buildings and heroes.
It’s not necessary to play all the time, everything works without you – offline, just come and collect income.

Here you will find everything you need to pass the time funny:
Build king’s city and develop the kingdom.
Upgrade buildings to increase profit.
Buy mine that brings unique currency and earn it in the same way as simple coins.
Everything works and brings income, even when you don’t play.
Offline game – Internet is needed only for start connection.
Buy more than 60 different citizens with their completely unique skills, stories and voices. This is the best city building tycoon!
Clicker game – click on the large coin, upgrade it for more profits.
Increase profits, raising the level of characters.
More than 10 000 quests with rewards.
Collect reward chests.
Collect cards with an income multiplier, combine them to get more powerful cards.
Different weather options: sun, snow, rain.
Messages interception from other kingdoms.
Create your own strategy to earn money, learn how to buy the right residents for maximum benefit. Become medieval star king!
… and much more interesting things.

We are very grateful you are play our game. Take part in the development: if you have some interesting ideas, contact us:

Idle Kingdom Story user reviews :

This is the best idle clicker game I’ve come across so far. It has zero forced ads, it’s not pay to win, and it’s very fun. Also the communication from the devs is incredible. They answer emails within minutes and are very helpful. I mistakenly thought I had encountered a bug that was causing me to not get full income per second, but it turns out that it was getting skewed by the castle large income that was only coming every minute, and that the per second was an overall average.
  • Alcore Games Studio
  • Thanks for support
Not idle not by a long shot. I’ve bought and bought and watched ad after ad, and if your not clicking your going no where fast. Even the instant time of a month is not enough to get anywhere close to what you need. There is no way to earn enough if you don’t click. So no it is not an idle game.
  • Alcore Games Studio
  • Hello again:) thanks for your feedback. We would really like you to be successful, please write us alcoregamestudio[at] . Perhaps you missed something, we will help you
This game is awesome! Its unfortunate that third party auto clicker does not work… Still worth playing though and one of my favorite idle clickers by far. Personally I enjoy the theme and sound and all the mechanics are spot on. I do have difficulty clicking on the bonus birds can be a bit more of a challenge than clicking the shooting star or falling gems. When upgrading rank for free there is something going on with building upgrades that doesnt let them get back to the level from before.
  • Alcore Games Studio
  • Thank you for your feedback, mail us please alcoregamestudio[at] , we will explain why this is happening and how to make sure that this does not happen.

Neat incremental clicker. They give you loads of currency in the early game to boost early progression. I ran into a bug where the game stopped responding to all touch. I reinstalled and this didn’t fix it. I restarted my phone and this seems to have cleared it up. Strange.

a nice little game but there’s a few bugs. one being it says i make 900 quintillion per second but timing it. it takes almost a minute to get that much Why have text that says “1sextillion per second” if thats not what it means.
  • Alcore Games Studio
  • Text with profit is the average income from all buildings, if you have a building with a timer for more than one second, then it calculates the average income per second and writes there. If you pump all buildings for a timer in 1 second, then you will have everything instantly counted. We will be grateful for the correction of the rating, thanks.

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