Idle Legend War – The dark fairy awakens

[Game] Idle Legend War – fierce fight hegemony online

Idle Legend War  Idle Legend War-fierce fight hegemony massive multiplayer online game.

The bloody fate of the retro dragon killer, the dream of the rivers and lakes to cultivate the true love, the dark fairy awakens, hang up the challenge copy, play Boss burst equipment, classic placement!

Novice players will be sent VIP5+2 million yuan + 20 million gold coins on the line. The first charge is five times the ingot, the gift ring + body protection + reincarnation Dan, the gifted ingot is received by mail, you should always pay attention to the message of the mail. The level challenges the reincarnation, regains the massive ingots, equipment rewards, and can be re-circled many times a day!

[Open service eight-day theme guide] Day 1: buy the best wing, the world I have! Day 2: Dragon Soul battle bonus, level reincarnation, Yuanbao surge! Day 3: Inlaid with gemstone fragments, mining holes, and meritorious transformation! Day 4: recharge double return, siege PK, the overlord is king! Day 5: Strengthen the aura’s attributes, fight the army, step by step! Day 6: the level production props, the king of the world, match the battle! Day 7: Reincarnation bonus attribute, beautiful halo, different! Day 8: God wears to strengthen the power, awakens the gods, no one can stop!

[Full-time automatic combat] You only need to start automatic combat. Before being defeated by the enemy, you will continue to fight, enjoy the beautiful skill attack release, no need to manually click, easily and automatically fight, have a high-powered high-level brilliant character, hang up the battle Just fine.

[Reward collars] Ingots, gold coins, equipment materials, all you want, a variety of event packages waiting for you to collect, daily landing packages, open service reservation packages, offline compensation packages, welfare packages, first filling packages, etc. Don’t miss out on such a good event.

[Sparkling Dress Up] Fit the character with a nice wing, dazzling gorgeous costume, powerful sharp sword, increase attack power, and match the most powerful weapon that challenges Boss. You can view and change the character in your personal character. Dress up, the title of the character is also changed here.

[Strengthen upgrade system] Forging reinforcement and skill upgrade, you can use the props to enhance the attack and physical defense attributes of the character, such as equipment enhancement, gems, spiriting, rising stars, etc., to enhance combat effectiveness, and to upgrade the skill level of gold coins. One can also learn different merit skills and add different attack effects to the character.

[Replica Challenge Personal PK] If the copy challenge is successful, it will explode specific materials or weapons. In the absence of which material, go to the corresponding copy to challenge the success and gain, improve the combat power, and then easily defeat the wild monster, the daily life between players. PK, you can understand each other’s combat effectiveness.

[Guild Management] When you reach the conditions, you can create your own gang of gangs, recruit talents, strengthen the strength of the gang, and contribute to the gang. The contribution can be exchanged for the gang’s reward. The contribution can buy or redeem the scarce materials. , learn gang guild skills, and gang guild manor management.

Idle Legend War is a classic massively multiplayer online game. With the help of the automatic challenge mode, you can liberate your hands, fight fierce battles with various monsters on the battlefield, and also increase your combat power and defeat your opponents in the wild and other players. Become the strongest one in the legendary rivers and lakes! The heart is not as good as action, [Idle Legend War] More fun and exciting content waiting for you to discover, come and download and play!

Idle Legend War user reviews :

If your going to make a international game make it in other languages where we can read the story..
  • HandZone Games
  • 亲爱的玩家,您好。很抱歉暂时没有其他语言的版本,后续会参考合理性进行优化。如果您还有其他的问题,我们也欢迎您通过游戏的账号中心直接给我们发送邮件反馈,我们一定会竭诚为您解决游戏中遇到的任何问题。最后感谢您对游戏的支持和理解,祝您生活愉快!!!
Can you pls add a another langguage because its hard to understand. We will be happy if you add that :)
  • HandZone Games
  • 亲爱的玩家,您好。很抱歉游戏暂时没有其他语言版本,后续我们会考虑去优化的,如果您还有其他的问题,我们也欢迎您通过游戏的账号中心直接给我们发送邮件反馈,我们一定会竭诚为您解决游戏中遇到的任何问题。最后感谢您对游戏的支持和理解,祝您生活愉快!!!
Good game it’s pretty good for killing time
  • HandZone Games
  • 亲爱的玩家您好,感谢您对游戏的支持与喜爱,祝您生活愉快!
Hi, can you have an english version for this?
  • HandZone Games
  • 亲爱的玩家您好,目前游戏还没有英文版本,请期待我们后续推出,感谢您对游戏的支持与理解,祝您游戏愉快!
Nice game but where is the gift code….
  • HandZone Games
  • 亲爱的玩家您好,关于您反馈的礼包问题。我们已经加急处理啦!待版本更新后就可以获取啦。敬请期待,祝您生活愉快

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