Idle Nomad – Improve yourself to become rich

[Game] Idle Nomad – Bum Clicker

Idle Nomad  Do you wanna feel like a homeless guy or a tramp?

Now you can try it in this clicker game. Start as a poor nomad on the street, earn money, improve yourself to become rich. You can open new skills, buy new clothes and equipment and improve personal qualities.

Just click on the energy button and strangers will give you some alms. Then upgrade skills and click more. Try to become the richest bum in the world!

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Idle Nomad user reviews :

None of the videos actually give me money so I waste 30 seconds of my life for nothing. There’s no idle money when you log back in. And you can’t really tell what’s going on with your income I.e. no way to see what you actually earn. It’s also pretty slow going and limited upgrading for your character. Definitely fun for a little bit tho.

OMG this is so cool I just started 2 weeks ago I love love! The dances and the cheerful people they have nice outfits. I like the houses and the fun things I was so happy there Is not so much adds. I love the things you can do they are so nice!! Well but yall should add a update of when you get rich you could get a work and get more money to get more rich overall I love it thanks for making this awsome game!

Doesn’t advertise as containing ads. But is completely littered with them. Gave it 1 minute and uninstalled To the idiotic development team. Forcing ads on people in quick succession will only gain you 2 to 3 views per person before they uninstall and give you a well deserved 1 star rating. Limiting the ads will gain you more views per person and a higher rating. The higher the rating, the more downloads. The more views. The more money. Simple mathematics.

This app is cool I like it But there is 1 problem the ads is annoying me

Edit: With the update we now have what feels like a clicker game. The game play while simple is what you would generally expect from one of these games. I expect it will continue to be updated in the future as there are some functions hinted at.
  • Little Bit Games
  • Hi David Check please the latest version of the game, we have fixed a lot of bugs.
Game allows you to have infinite money. You can keep upgrading for free. Then it resets everything and you can upgrade all over again without actually leveling up your character. It is pointless to play.
  • Little Bit Games
  • Hi Koral, Please, check the latest version of the game, we have fixed this bug and some others.

I would’ve liked to give this game more stars as it seemed fun, but there’s a glitch which gives you 80 million so there’s nothing to work for as you can just upgrade everything, disappointing.

I got to click one time before it stopped working and crashed. Thought it was my phone, so I restarted it and yet again after one click, it stopped.

Gives you a ad every time you level up I dont really like it but the game is good and all keep making it better!
  • Little Bit Games
  • Dear user, Thanks for supporting us and we are sorry for Ads. We will improve in the future and we will try to keep the Ads from interfering. Please let us know if you have any questions. Thank you.

I love this game it’s the best but why ? I love it ? BC u can do dancing sports pretty much everything and also u can level up thats very nice game so play it now tho they did not say to me rate the game so far it’s the best u can also have a dog have more things play the game now

Previous install was bad uninstalled and reinstalled all problems with welcome screen seem to be fixed

The game keeps freezing and when I click something it makes me close and reopen the app because the close button doesn’t work

I love the game but when I watch a ad the game just crashed please fix it.

It’s fun but keeps telling me to rate the game that’s the only problem I would of gived it a 5 star soryy

There is a glitch when I level up it won’t let me click of so then I have to reset the game please fix it

I started with 80mil, and I don’t think that’s normal, but you need to use 7.5 million to get everything, just so you know.

The game is open for a few seconds then it closes
  • Little Bit Games
  • Hi Sam, Please, check our latest update, it will fix this bug and some others.

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