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[Game] Idle Scream Park

Idle Scream Park  Run your funniest scream park!

Start with a small scream park, and work on it to make it grow. Open new attractions to create an amazing fun area where visitors will visit the horror house and ride the roller coaster.

Improve your park with new rides. Prepare marketing campaigns to bring more visitors to your theme park, and offer them the most enjoyable experience.


Easy-to-play game for every player
Different challenges to complete
Great 3D graphics
Several rides available.

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Idle Scream Park user reviews :

I absolutely love the look of this game, usually I don’t play idle park games. But the aesthetic of it left me intrigued after I saw an ad. I started playing and got to the 4th island. Today I woke up, checked on my island throughout the day and it was fine. Then when I went to go check on it after I got off work, all my progress was gone and reverted back to the beginning. I am super bummed about this, since I enjoyed the game a lot. But now I don’t feel like playing anymore

The game is fun. The only thing that i fond as a huge down side is that everytime you “expand” or buy a new ride, it resets all you previous achievements. I all 3 times i had expanded the park i lost all my earnings and had to start from scratch. I think thats really unfair. The game shouldn’t re start you from 0 everytime you buy or expand your island. If it wasnt for this i would had given this game 5 stars.

It’s a fun time passer but that’s about it. It gets boring after a while, Im pretty far into the game and it’s just getting longer and longer that I have to sit and wait to get enough money to buy the new attractions. Which gets kind of boring because you have to wait so long then when you finally buy it, all of the other attractions need updated and it’s just eh. Could be better.

Idle basically means ‘ runs in the background.’ If one of the features in the game needs you to be constantly on the app to work ( the scream chamber ) in this case, that’s not idle. I should have been able to summon a helper at least once by now but I closed the app and am back to 0. Everything else is great.

Been playing several months now. Not a bad game but have gotten bored with it. Nothing new has been added in a really long time. No special events to do and money accumulates so slow now that I can’t upgrade anything. Will uninstall soon if more new stuff is not added soon. Even don’t get enough mon…

I would rate this a lot higher, but the writing is full of typos and the ads are egregious. There really doesn’t need to be so many, and they don’t need to take up half the screen. Otherwise, it’s a cute game that reminds me of playing roller coaster tycoon as a kid, but with a spooky theme. Too bad about the ads.

Please add a haunted house attraction. That would definitely complete the game other than the pumpkin collecting process is a little slow and the game does build up a lot of cache. But other than that, I’m mainly looking for A Haunted House attraction

It’s great however I tried out the $9.99 manager for the 10hrs background play… paid for it amd never received my manager… feeling abit robbed despite it being fun and all!!! Ratings will increase if this problem is solved.

This game runs smooth. It is so cute and fun. You manage a halloween theme park. You earn money, buy rides, upgrades, advertisements. I love this game.

I lost all my progress after my phone updated, I had to start the game at the beginning again which is frustrating because I got pretty far.

Very fun idea for an idle game, im sure it will be a great game once the kinks are worked out, right now it very laggy and not much detail.

Very fun. Not any forced ads. My one problem is when it notifies you about income it does it about 12 times which is a little overkill

It’s a good game, but it won’t let play any videos for coins or the vip it just keeps telling me there’s no video.

I like it. Its fun and I like to see everything come together. HOWEVER, I think it should have been an expansion on idle theme park like the water park was since nothing new has come out on that.

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