Idle Streamer – Start from the bedroom studio

[App] Idle Streamer – Tuber game. Get followers tycoon

Idle Streamer  Gain millions of subscribers and views, become a billionaire, upgrade your studio equipment and outfit in the Idle

Streamer simulator game.

Start from the bedroom studio and become the biggest gaming celebrity!

Start your stream
Now is that happy time when gaming or vlog can bring you a lot of money. Don’t twitch, calm down and become a streamer! Create a tube channel and play trending games on it. Make your gaming vlog popular and start a way to a famous tuber career.

Promote your channel
Get more followers and become the biggest game industry influencer. Chat with subscribers and form a fandom. Make a live stream, collect likes and donations. Earn money and upgrade your studio and equipment to make your streams even cooler like a real tube tycoon.

Make money and become a celebrity
Get thousands of followers and subscribers and millions of views like a big web star.
Earn a lot of money with every live stream and enjoy likes from your fandom
Try the lifestyle of a famous influencer in this idle clicker and tuber tycoon simulator!

Idle Streamer user reviews :

I gave this a five star rating cause it’s a fun game to play if you are on a trip and it’s offline so you can play it anywhere and it’s a good game to play and I like how you can upgrade your stuff and change into different clothes and change to other house’s like you can buy a apartment then when you get enough money you can buy your own studio.

He’ll I am Aman I have I liked this game so much but I do not like one thing only the ads. My opinion is that all of you load this game and play. Thanks!

Games pretty solid, nice gameplay (when it allows you to play), solid character customization, and mostly realistic viewer comments and usernames. Only gripe I have is that it IS an idle game, says it in the title, so if you want to play the game for longer than 10 minutes a day, you have to watch a ridiculous amount of ads, or, pay money. Other than that, games pretty good.

I like this game, it is really fun! The only thing that I don’t like is that you need to watch advertisingments to get money from the “REPLY TO CHAT” option. Also I wish that you can go back and choose your headphones, mouse, chair, etc etc etc…. But that will be too OP because I got the cat headphones and I really liked them but I accidentally upgraded and I don’t like my current headset. So I will give this app 3 stars.

This is the best Idle Game I’ve ever played! But I have a few suggestions. 1. You should be able to choose what kind of content you post 2. You should be able to make secondary channels.

I like this game so much and im at level 40, but the only problem is why do at level 15,35,45,55,65,75,85,95 we need to restore our game,fix this please

its a really good game sometimes the money goes down fast but its fine i like how you dont have to pay for things that much!

Is th3 best but sometimes the avatar editor it blocks. But I think is only a one-device problem. Install now.

This game is *really*cool because they have the hair the shirt the pants and the shoes as Billie eilish it cool I’m on level 21 it’s awesome keep up with the good work .

This game is amazing I love how you can ban and like the chat and also how easy it is to make money. Five stars

It’s a good game I totally recommend,but I have one problem, when get a subscriber and I open the tab to claim SOMETIMES NOT ALL THE TIME, it does not give me the money I earned from the subscriber. Now I will tell you why the game is good. 1. Its claim and relaxing (in my opinion) 2. Its offline, for me offline games are amazing no ads and, you can play it anywhere you go! 3.its a addictive game it never gets old. can change your characters clothes, hair, makeup and, shoes. Bye!

Game is very fun but bro STOP WITH THE ADS Half of the time I cant upgrade sometuing without getting an and every 2 mins or sometuing it does a random maybe 30 second ad! Money hungry developwrs is what we have these days!

Love the game, Awesome but just like other games u pay for ads but this time it’s 8.49, That is too expensive just for ads. Also Replying to the chat I think is a bit shorter than it should be, it’s a bit long. Anyway this is an amazing game I love Idle games and cash paying and best of all.. It’s about gaming! So I hope this review make sense a nd u agree.

I like this game I thinks it’s fun to play to pass the time and it is also offline so i can play it any where I want with out WiFi .

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