Idle War Camp – It is up to you to train these peasants into mighty warriors

[Game] Idle War Camp


Congratulations my lord! You have just been granted command of the kingdom’s war camp. It is up to you to train these peasants into mighty warriors! … While earning a little gold on the side!

Earn magical armor and weapons for your commander in order to improve your War Camp’s performance!

You don’t have to be present to earn your fortune, while away your captain will collect earning for you!

Start by training your peasants to use a simple club, then progress them to use more impressive weaponry like swords, axes, crossbows, pistols, halberds and great-swords! A total of 12 different types troops to train on launch!

Idle War Camp user reviews :

So close! I was hoping to find an option to purchase “No Ads” like a lot of games are starting to implement, but there is none. If I could have paid an upfront price to remove all Ads and ad nag screens from the app, I would have purchased, but unfortunately I can’t play like this so I have to uninstall.
  • Vanguard Gaming Studio
  • Hello Charles, thank you for your review and apologies for the inconvenience. Please email us at idle-war-camp-support[at] so we could assist you better. We really hope you’d comeback and play with us again.
Game is fun, but once you max out your rank there is almost nothing to do. The camp can be maxed out and then you just complete quests to get better gear for a camp that is maxed out. Overall pretty fun, just not a whole lot of meat to it.
  • Vanguard Gaming Studio
  • Hi Austin, Thank you for your feedback. Our development team will definitely consider your opinion and make the game better. If you have more suggestions please email us at idle-war-camp-support[at] Happy Gaming!
The game is fun but, I can’t play the game for more then a couple minutes because it will either freeze or kick me off the game.
  • Vanguard Gaming Studio
  • Hello thanks for your feedback. We apologize that you are experiencing this issues on our game. Could you try to clear your cache, restart your device and make sure you have that enough memory available. We really hope one of these works for you, if not please feel free to email us at (idle-war-camp-support[at] Have a good one!
Best idle Soldier game. The times arwnt too long to wait and in game currency only used for cosmetics how it should be for all games.
  • Vanguard Gaming Studio
  • Hello Cori, Thank you for your detailed feedback. Have a great day ahead!

Still a good game so far, but on the next update could the scrap button for gear be fixed. I press it and nothing happens.

It’s a fun and basic game. I like it because this game relives my boredom of life.
  • Vanguard Gaming Studio
  • Hello Russel, we appreciate the feedback. Any issues please email us at idle-war-camp-sipport[at] Happy Gaming!
UI is terrible, not sure where to tap, very inaccurate. Beside that, other things is good
  • Vanguard Gaming Studio
  • Hello K Leha, thank you for your detailed feedback and for taking the time to post this. Rest assured we will look in to this issue and improve better. Have a great day ahead!
I like the game I would give 5 stars if it wasn’t for the amount of times it crashes and freezes please fix so I can give 5 stars thank you
  • Vanguard Gaming Studio
  • Hi Keagan, some problems are caused by a lack of memory. These can be fixed by restarting the device. Also you can try to clear the cache for the app. If that doesn’t help, you can always contact us at idle-war-camp-support[at] Have a great day ahead!
I love the game but oneee idea can u add multiple areas from this age to modern and stuff
  • Vanguard Gaming Studio
  • Hello Ghostthe soulkeeper, Thank you for your feedback. That is a great suggestion will take this up to the developer so he could add this to the next update. Thanks for suggesting this one. Have a great day ahead and Happy Holidays!

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