Idle West Journey – Make a dream to catch monster

[Game] Idle West Journey – RPG Adventure Legend Online

Idle West Journey  Idle West Journey-RPG Adventure Legend Online Game, Hero Lord Dungeons Clash, the young great saint westward journey fetch buddhist scriptures, pocket make a dream to catch monster, make big three boundary big talk return, datang western region ask adventure, girl country wuxia fantasy love, monster hunt brawl, immortal fiend list down demon record!

Fight to demons, Saving the world
After the three world wars, evil and desire gradually grow, devour the good between the mind. People sent to the west by the command of the Buddha to get the scriptures. All the way, they suffered through thousands of mountains and thousands of rivers to persuade sentient beings. In addition to demon, dissolve the millennium wrong.

Superior General Dominating
Monkey King, Tota King Of Heaven, Bull Demon King, Zhong Kui…… Classic westward journey characters gathered together, the achievement of tianzhan force! The human fairy demon three realms gather, hundreds of god will satisfy your collection desire, channeling spirit beast soul free collocation, make the strongest exclusive lineup! God will help, world war I peak, mighty!

Cool fashion, Personality riding
Gorgeous wings, dynamic light weapons, floating magic weapon, change 100 kinds of modeling, personality highlight visual feast! Lovely xianlv, personality riding, riding auspicious king lion fighting around the world. Gorgeous skills special effects, shock of the impact of the west journey, youth unparalleled!

Hot-bloody gang to meet friends
Set up gang trade union, recruit heroes, build homes together, exchange senior rare materials. Participate in the real time gang strong battle, the group of heroes to the deer, wu friends, brothers together, total battle peak. Jianghu heroic spirit, brother sword line xia go tianya!

Easy operation to free your hands
Adopt automatic combat mode, do not need any operation, just need to put out the strongest battle force, platoon can play a good game. Not liver not krypton, fun not tired, anytime, anywhere, want to fight!

Super welfare senting
New clothes login to send massive silver ingot, xianlv, xuan female, orange suit for your choice, super god will be free to send qi tian da sheng, let your battle force surge of pleasure! Don’t spend money, still play a bright!

Idle West Journey user reviews :

I realy like the graphics but how to change the language of it

I see people asking about English version . But why you answer them in Chinese if they can understand you they can play the game normally
  • HandZone Games
  • Hello, dear players. Sorry that the game is not available in other languages for the time being, we will consider optimizing it in the future, I wish you a happy life! ! !

I really like the Game but I can’t not understand the laguage please english language am not Chinese

I hope always update new version ..good

This game is nice but how to change the language of this app
  • HandZone Games
  • 亲爱的玩家,您好。很抱歉哦暂时没有英语版本,我们后续会继续优化游戏的。如果您还有其他的问题,我们也欢迎您通过游戏的账号中心直接给我们发送邮件反馈,我们一定会竭诚为您解决游戏中遇到的任何问题。最后感谢您对游戏的支持和理解,祝您生活愉快!!!
This app is nice but how to change language in this game app ?
  • HandZone Games
  • 亲爱的玩家您好,感谢您对游戏的支持与喜爱,目前还没有这个功能哦,后续我们会参考合理性进行优化的。如果您还有其他的问题,我们也欢迎您通过游戏的账号中心直接给我们发送邮件反馈,我们一定会竭诚为您解决游戏中遇到的任何问题。最后感谢您对游戏的支持和理解,祝您生活愉快!!!
I bought the game item, my Google pay already paid, but I don’t get any item, benefit and my VIP amount didn’t up. Please help me, sorry I can’t write in mandarin. Regards, Rendi
  • HandZone Games
  • Hello, please send e-mail to contact us, we’d be happy to help you and solve the problem.

For me this game is the best but I want a gift code if I can pm here please

Need to be in english.
  • HandZone Games
  • 亲爱的玩家,您好。很抱歉哦暂时没有英语版本,我们后续会继续优化游戏的。如果您还有其他的问题,我们也欢迎您通过游戏的账号中心直接给我们发送邮件反馈,我们一定会竭诚为您解决游戏中遇到的任何问题。最后感谢您对游戏的支持和理解,祝您生活愉快!!!
how am i supposed to understand it if its not english
  • HandZone Games
  • 亲爱的玩家,您好,很抱歉目前没有英文版本哦,后续我们会参考合理性进行优化,祝您生活愉快

This game is nice, but if you do not know the chinese language this game is not for you

I need a change language
  • HandZone Games
  • 亲爱的玩家您好,很抱歉对您造成困扰。这边会采取您的提议努力完善游戏的内容和设计,各类型用户都有良好的游戏体验是我们一直追求的目标。 最后感谢您对我们游戏的支持和对我们工作的谅解,祝您游戏愉快!

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